Zinc Living Room Internet Video Browser Updated

You might not be familiar with Zinc, ZeeVee renamed it from Zviewer a while back. It's a single, living-room friendly user interface that is designed to be operated with a remote control and viewed on the "big screen."

The major problem with pre-packaged media browsers is always content. There just never seems to be enough of it. So ZeeVee was very happy to announce that it has added a "significant amount of content" from existing providers to its on-demand library, as well as the addition of Netflix and CBS to the lineup. There are now nearly 15,000 feature length movies and tens of thousands of TV shows that can be watched instantly.

Zinc also has improved navigation and usability features, making it easier and faster to immediately enjoy internet video. Detailed show descriptions, release dates, ratings and other new information have also been added, so users can make informed decisions about what episodic content to watch, or what new feature-length movie they should select. Users can also declare favorite shows and websites, and be informed when new content is available.

Zinc is a free software application that runs on practically any PC. It allows users to enjoy internet video on their computer or on a 'big screen' for those that have attached their computer to a large display. Mac support is in development and is expected to be released by the end of April. Zinc is based on Mozilla technology, and is available either as a standalone application or as a Firefox plug-in. Zinc can be downloaded by visiting www.zeevee.com/zinc/download-zinc.

This reminds me that it might be time for me to do a roundup of all the video players out there with pre-filled libraries of content and their pros, cons and limitations...like the inability to see most content outside of the US or North America.

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