I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Sandie at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit and later at VidCon, where I met several of the vidIQ team.  Tim Schmoyer interviewed Sandie on a recent Creator's Tip, and he talked about their service, which measures social engagement for videos.  vidIQ had a cool booth at VidCon which showed what they can do (along with Tim offering critiques on creators looking for help with their channels), and they recently sent us a screen shot of ZeFrank's channel, focusing on his recent "True Facts About the Owl" video.

A Look at VidIQ's Social Engagement Scores

You can use this with not only your own videos, but any video you like--you know, study the competition.  Here is a good look at it, followed by what it looks like integrated into the YouTube page:

ZeFranks Channel, As Dissected by vidIQ vidiq magnified

ZeFranks Channel, As Dissected by vidIQ vidiq zefrank 606x327

Here's how it breaks down:

  • The vidIQ Score is the "likelihood of a video to be promoted in Related videos, Search, and Recommended videos."  ZeFrank's video is 100/100, which I'm going to guess is good.
  • Average Watch Time allows you to check in on not only your own videos' watch time, but any video you want to look at.
  • FB Likes/Shares/Comments.  Self-explanatory.
  • Tweets: Yep.
  • Words Per Minute: I think this one might be a bit controversial.  The stat vidIQ gives is that the most successful videos have higher WPM (220 WPM), encouraging more fast talk and jump cuts.  I actually wonder if this might be a correlation/causation mistake though.  My own advice would be not to worry about the speed at which you deliver content: just make the best content you can.
  • Tags: Although YouTube has started to hide tags, there are ways to find them on certain videos.  vidIQ makes it easy to do.
  • Description Link Count: tells you the best number of links to add to your description.
  • Description Word Count: Do you have enough words in the description?  This tells you.
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I like the idea of breaking all of these vital stats down, and vidIQ is also offering what is becoming a big thing in channel analysis: learning who your top influencers and commenters are and engaging with them, along with the best time of day to launch a video.  It's all in the effort to position your video under the best circumstances possible.

If you're interested in downloading the free version for Chrome, you can click here.

  • Ken Fisher

    Gotta love that vidiq free chrome download. Is there a good source that explains the stats? In particular, I see some that show only a general number in time watched. For instance one shows 11 for time watched with 30,000 views. Does it have anything to do with popularity or age of video? I'm guessing they don't have analytics that go back further than a certain date?

    Thanks for sharing this great resource!