YuMe Launches Adaptive Video Ad Monetization

YuMe Launches Adaptive Video Ad Monetization

YuMe, the first dedicated advertising network created and optimized for broadband video, today announced the launch of its Adaptive Campaign Engine, a new capability of the YuMe ad management system which helps publishers match each video ad impression in their inventory to the best money-making opportunity. Achieved with a single integration, ACE accepts ad feeds from YuMe's ad sales teams, third-party ad networks, third-party syndication feeds, and the publisher itself, and presents an integrated view that makes it simple to optimize performance and revenue in real-time.

YuMe's ACE helps publishers take control of the management of their online video advertising to improve inventory fill rates, CPM, and other parameters. In the past, the management of multiple third-party ad networks has been an inefficient, labor intensive process requiring publishers to log into multiple portals to get performance data, perform manual inventory management calculations, and then adjust placements and allocate inventory by hand to each network. YuMe's ACE eliminates this problem through an integrated dashboard that reports on each feed's performance in real-time, then automatically adjusts all feeds adapting to parameters set by the publisher to maximize each impression, increasing fill rate and effective CPMs.

ACE also makes it simple for publishers to leverage the system's unique ability to serve any ad format and placement, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, watermark, and interactive overlay. Following a single integration, the full spectrum of available YuMe ad products can be deployed and managed through a single, holistic view.

Mondo Media, a publisher of online video content targeting young adults, has used ACE to drive its fill rate up to 100 percent while increasing its eCPM by over 70 percent. John Evershed, CEO of Mondo Media, said, "Ourability to fully monetize the popularity of content like 'Happy Tree Friends' depends on how well we can match each placement in our inventory to the best-performing available ad feed, no matter where it's coming from. With ACE, YuMe gives us both the real-time transparency and automation to make this possible, and the technology to make sure each ad ends up where it needs to be."

Since its launch, YuMe's innovative ad management system has provided hundreds of publishers with the ability to insert the right ad into the right video content at the right time, then monitor and optimize performance to ensure maximum monetization. ACE extends this functionality to let publishers optimize multiple ad networks based on performance against CPM, clickthrough rate, placement, fill-rate, and volume. Campaign frequency caps can also be established.

"As the market for online video advertising continues to expand, publishers relying on outdated, manual processes to manage multiple ad feeds inevitably leave money on the table," wrote Jayant Kadambi, CEO of YuMe in his blog, take2video (www.yume.com/blog). "Our Adaptive Campaign Engine provides the control and automation to help publishers achieve the goals of their ad sales programs as efficiently as possible."

About Mondo Media

Mondo Media is a leading innovator in the use of new media platforms for the delivery of high-quality animation targeted at young adults. "Mondo Mini Shows" are distributed as an ad-supported, virtual animation channel via the Internet, podcasts and mobile. The hit series "Happy Tree Friends" has evolved into a global franchise, and has been adapted into a TV series, home video line, mobile phenomenon, video game, and line of merchandise.

About YuMe

YuMe is the first dedicated video advertising network and ad management system built exclusively for the new world of Web video. With 400+ websites, more than 150 million video streams, and 46.9 million unique visitors, the YuMe network provides both audience scale and quality reach for advertisers. The YuMe ad management system gives advertisers and publishers the unprecedented ability to identify, classify, and track content to ensure brand safety, contextual relevance, controlled syndication, and consistent delivery across all digital media platforms -- Web, downloads, mobile, and IPTV. Key YuMe innovations include the first cross-platform ad solution and the ability to serve multiple ad formats and placements through a single, unified system. YuMe is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, CA and backed by Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, BV Capital and DAG Ventures.

For more information, visit YuMe's website at www.yume.com and the take2video blog at www.yume.com/blog.

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