YuMe Launches Behavioral Targeting for Online Video Ads

YuMe Launches Behavioral Targeting for Online Video AdsYuMe, the largest dedicated video ad network on the Web, announced today the launch of a new behavioral targeting system that will allow advertisers to target their messages to viewers on a national scale based on video viewing interests and purchase intent. YuMe will leverage data about viewers' video consumption habits, online search histories, and browsing behaviors to deliver highly relevant ads to consumers who have demonstrated their intent to buy a particular type of good or service.

"YuMe's behavioral targeting allows advertisers to reach highly qualified audiences while they are engaged with premium video content, and to show those audiences ads that are more likely to interest than annoy them," said Jayant Kadambi, YuMe's Co-founder and President. "We are offering advertisers access to highly qualified intent-based audiences, which will deliver greater performance than less stringent interest-based targeting."

Beginning today, YuMe will offer advertisers the ability to target ads against intent-based audiences in the auto, travel and retail verticals. For example, auto manufacturers will now have the opportunity to target video ads only to viewers who have recently compared car prices online. Additional audience groups will be added in the coming months. By reaching highly qualified audiences in an engaging video environment, marketers using YuMe's behavioral targeting system will be able to achieve unprecedented ROI and levels of engagement with their online video ad campaigns.

YuMe's behavioral targeting system also benefits the 400+ publishers in its ad network by increasing the overall value of their video inventory. YuMe will now be better able to leverage the full breadth of video content represented across its network. For example, if an advertiser wants to reach frequent air travelers, YuMe can deliver those consumers both when they are watching travel-related programs and when they are watching different categories of videos on other sites that are part of the YuMe network.

YuMe's network reaches an audience of over 136 million unique visitors -- or 72% of the U.S. online population -- offering ad placement opportunities in more than 500 million video streams of premium content every month. For more information about YuMe or to inquire about advertising opportunities, visit http://www.yume.com/advertisers.html.

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