AdWeek just released their Top 10 Most-Watched Ads for April.  Many of them are familiar to those of you have been paying attention, but it never hurts to see what is currently ruling the roost when it comes to advertising.  No surprise, the Old Spice double-punch of weirdness and the Dove Beauty Sketches are represented, as well as those darned Evian babies.  But there are a few in here that I hadn't seen, so the list doesn't play like a repetitious hit parade throughout.  So let's take a look at what was killing it in April: let the countdown begin.

AdWeek's Top 10 Most-Watched Ads for April 2013

Ads do have to have paid views as well as tremendous organic views to make the list.

#10. Nestle: El Mejor Nido.  I have no idea what is being said here.  Something about a grandfather nd grandson bonding over DiGiorno pizza and La Lechera cheesecake.  This video has nearly a million views:

#9. Lunchables: Rob Dyrdek Lunchables Uploaded Water Balloon.  Dyrdek hits a mannequin with a huge water balloon.  A million views follow:

#8. Sauza Margaritas: Sauza Tequila - Make It With A Lifeguard.  Sauza has been doing these "sexy man" ads with Make It With A Lifeguard for awhile now.  This one continues the tradition of being pretty funny:

#7. Old Spice - Shower.  Speaking of "sexy man" ads, the "father" of these ads has another winner with the guy who carries around the feeling of his amazing shower around with him all day long:

#6. Call of Duty: The Replacers - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video.  Call of Duty understands that you'll be preoccupied playing their game, so they've decided to provide "replacers" to help you do your jobs and menial tasks in the meantime.  This has over 3 million views and it's a great ad:

#5. Old Spice - Watermelon.  Did you think Old Spice wouldn't represent with both of the bizarre ads they released last month?  Of course they did:

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#4. Pepsi - Mirrors.  What's better than Beyoncé?  Several Beyoncés.  This has 10 million views:

#3. K-Mart - Ship My Pants.  One of the funniest ads you'll ever see flirts on the edge much like Orbit Gum does with their "filthy mouth" ads.  This ad has been seen more than 16 million times:

#2. Dove Real Beauty Sketches.  These final two have been watched a ton and discussed a ton.  Dove Real Beauty Sketches has 46 million views, which should put it in the running for one of the top YouTube videos of the year when all is said and done:

#1. Evian - Baby & Me.  Another video over 45 million, Evian's new baby ad shot into the stratosphere in just a couple of weeks.:

  • Carl Hartman

    Most watched. Hmmm. What does that mean? People actually sought out these ads. BS. Absolute BS. People are not, generally, seeking out advertising on YouTube. They are waiting to hit the "Skip Ad" button. Show us YouTube numbers on how long they were watched. Most watched. That doesn't mean squat. Show us numbers on how many of those ads resulted in consumer purchases. The numbers will be close to zero, just like traditional TV ads. What this really is about, is more PR so agencies can bleed major brands dry.

    • I am Carl’s Medulla Oblongata

      Poor Carl...
      Are you angry because the majority of these ads took a higher level of ingenuity and creativity to come up with and your pessimism has lead you astray?
      I hope at some point you come upon a brand which you love and endear, finding out that at some point it was presented to you in a way that piqued your interest from engagement, ingenuity, and creativity.
      Then I won't say, "Poor Carl" anymore. I'll say, "Enjoy life, Carl. Enjoy life."