Want to know the secrets to success on YouTube? Then you'll want to watch Daisy's exclusive New Media Minute interview with YouTube exec Bing Chen (in charge of Google & YouTube Creator Initiatives and Entertainment Partnerships) who offers insider tips and secrets regarding how to maximize brand awareness on YouTube, how to use the YouTube dashboard to improve your video story-telling, how to tag and annotate YouTube videos with consistency for the best results, and how to truly engage with viewers to ensure "stickiness" of content and overall YouTube success.

Bing's (hehe) YouTube Tips & YouTube Secrets Success

"It can be touch to be found on YouTube. ...we're very proud of the biggest stage, but it (YouTube) is the biggest stage which is tough. ...There are lots of things that we recommend and a lot of these things may sound obvious, but the real magic is consistently doing it.  ...Being successful in YouTube and being found is really hard work.

Strong Brand Building through Strong Story Telling

  1. Identify what you are as a brand.  Nothing can really topple authenticity, especially on YouTube.  If you are disingenuous even a little bit, people will see right through you.
  2. Tell good stories. Go into your dashboard and look at your attention score.  You want to make sure you see where the attention score is falling off for viewers.

Pay Attention to the Fundamentals

  1. Make sure you're tagging very consistently.
  2. Dont just put 3 lines in your description. Make your description a story.
  3. Make sure you're using annotations.  Annotate with other videos.  Link your videos together
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Create High-Quality Video

"Just filming something is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Just putting in a little side budget is NOT GOOD ENOUGH."

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

The big big thing that I think most people make a mistake on is Engagement.  Engagement means everything from responding to your viewers and your partners, to engaging with them within the content. "

  1. Dont just respond to a comment...  Tell them why you're thankful for that comment and link them into the next video.
  2. When you respond or post a bulletin, end with a statement. Inquisitive messages get a lot higher traffic.
  3. In terms of the actual content itself, engage with the viewers in the video.  For example, ask your viewers a question to base your next video on.  Ask your viewers questions within the video to encourage comments.
  • http://promotionalvideos.us macjhon

    "Just filming something is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Just putting in a little side budget is NOT GOOD ENOUGH." In this line i don't understand what actually you can say?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1507895410 CasinoSlot Guy

    good basic tips for judging your youtube quality.

  • http://www.VideoLeadsOnline.com/ Ronnie Bincer

    In your written article here - under the "engagement" section - you show point #2 re. YouTube Bulletins as "End with a Statement"... this should read "Don't End with a Statement" as Bing says at approx 3:20 in the video - but "End with a question".

  • gerryoginski

    Thanks for bringing us this great video by Daisy and her interview with Bing. Rock solid content anyone using video should study and learn from. Thanks Daisy for reaching out to Bing.

    Dear Mark and Daisy, here's an idea for an entire series of articles/video interviews. Get more executives like Bing to give us great advice from the inside. Absolutely invaluable.

  • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

    cool... Do you know where the series is going to be, I didnt actually know there would be a series of them.

    • http://www.VideoLeadsOnline.com/ Ronnie Bincer

      Mark, near the end of the video (at around 4:49), Bing Chen states that the training others will receive on how to make their content better via the YouTube Creator Institute & YouTube Next Up will be shared with others... perhaps that is what Laura is speaking of when she talks of a "series". He says it starts at the end of May. Hope that helps!