YouTube Works To Let Everyone Watch Today's Lunar Eclipse Live

YouTube Works To Let Everyone Watch Todays Lunar Eclipse Live

There's a 100-minute lunar eclipse today, at around 11:00am Pacific Time. The only problem for me (and many of our readers) is that the event will not be visible in the U.S., or anywhere in North America for that matter. Which is a bummer. And it seems that YouTube staffers are just as bummed about missing the eclipse, so they've partnered with Slooh to create a method of letting anyone in the world watch it live.

Slooh is a company that aims to promote scientific enlightenment through powerful "space cameras" and telescopes. They're actually already working with Google on the whole "map the universe" project.

Slooh is hosting the live eclipse event on their website, and the presentation is made to viewers because of the Space Camera and the Google App Engine.

YouTube Works To Let Everyone Watch Todays Lunar Eclipse Live

According to the YouTube blog, there will also be "audio narrations from real-life astronomers so you can hear a firsthand, expert account of the event."

Now, I have no idea what a lunar eclipse looks like when viewed through a Space Camera. But I have to believe it's a better view than what I'll have in Tennessee, which will be no view whatsoever. So I'm curious to check it out.

If you prefer, you'll also be able to view the eclipse from the official Google YouTube channel. Or, if you're on the move, there's even a Slooh Space Camera Android App you can download that will let you view the eclipse from your phone.

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