This week on the Reel Web, we once again give a quick update on some of the new features launched in the past week at YouTube.  We also discuss some recent chatter around whether or not video creators should jump ship from YouTube. Finally, we discuss several wish-list features that we think YouTube could/should implement to simplify processes for creators and allow for more time and attention building audiences and creating quality content.

After you watch the video, we'd love your thoughts on what you'd like to see YouTube implement.  Please comment below.

YouTube Wishlist - Dear YouTube, Please Consider These Ideas!

  1. Multi-level User Accounts - This is a huge one for us at ReelSEO as we have several people that work on our YouTube account = The ability to add multiple level access accounts to your YouTube channel that people from within an organization can access an account without needing the primary Google account users' password.
  2. Annotation Templates - A clipboard, so to speak, of annotations templates that are preset and ready to implement without having to do over each time.  For example, we always add a subscription annotation on our videos. It would be nice to be able to click a button to re-apply that annotation to a new video vs. having to re-create the annotation every time.
  3. Instant Custom Thumbnail - It would be nice to have the option to select your a custom thumbnail image sooner in the process rather than having to wait until the video itself is processed.  If you're going to use a custom thumbnail anyway, what does it matter?
  4. Subscription Feed Control - What if you could control how often and when your videos hit your subscribers' feed.  Perhaps you don't want to schedule the video itself, or make it unlisted/private, but you still want to control when it hits users' subscription feeds.
  5. Playlist Subscriptions - The ability for people to subscribe to your playlists on your channel, rather than just your channel as a whole.
  6. Comment User Control - How about if you could also control who can and can't comment on your videos?
  7. Subscriber Analytics - We have some analytics about the views generally overall on our videos and channels, but what about if you could know specifically just how your subscribers are interacting and engaging with your videos and what they're watching and who's watching what?
  8. Social Beyond Comments - This isn't a defined feature as much as it is a request for some more interesting ways to really engage and interact with our subscribers and our viewers on a more intimate, deeper level than we currently have, which is basically just comments. What suggestions do you have for to improve the social interaction around videos on YouTube?
  9. Video Exposure & Promotion - Again, not a defined feature, but something that we feel is in need of discussion - How do you think YouTube could better promote the content that each of us are making? Keeping in mind that there are millions of videos uploaded all the time; 72 hours are being uploaded every minute, how could YouTube best serve that kind of massive content load and really highlight and feature the ones that are the best?
QUESTION: What features would you like to see YouTube add to make your job easier?

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Creators Moving Away From YouTube?

Jim Louderback recently wrote an article about why many creators are moving away from YouTube.  Jim covers the pros and cons of making a move to other platforms.  Many creators believe that using other sources will offer more revenue for their content or better serve their viewers.  In addition, Kevin Nalty offers the opposite view of why it’s best to stay on YouTube as a creator.

YouTube & Google + Profile Name Update

As previously covered, YouTube now has the ability for those of us who are partners to use our  Google+ profile name instead of the channel name.  The advantage is if you have a channel name you’d rather no longer use and would prefer that it shows your name instead that is now available.  Keep in mind, it is not going to be the best option for everyone to use their Google+ profile name.  We are stilling waiting for the option to be able to use company or brand names on Google+ in place of a channel name.

XBox Live Now Offers a YouTube App

The XBox Live YouTube app is now available for anyone who is a Gold XBox Live subscriber.  When you log in to XBox Live there will be a prompt to download the update if you already have the YouTube app set up.  This is good for subscribers because it adds new channel features, music videos and the ability to access the full YouTube experience and content.  It is also good for creators because it is an additional device for viewers to see our content and ads which in turn means additional revenue.

  • BJ Kitchin

    I would love to be able to control the playback speed of video. As a person who has listed to hundreds of audio books I can listen coherently at 3x the normal rate.