On this week's Creator's Tip, Tim discusses with Nathan of and his thoughts on how audience engagement on YouTube differs from audience engagement that he sees in other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) as well as on blogs and other platforms.

YouTube vs. Other Platforms: Comparing Engagement

What are some differences between YouTube viewers and engagement of readers from other platforms?

  • YouTube viewers comment on everything.  It can be something as small as a comment about what clothes I am wearing in a particular video up to more specific comments abou the video or in response to a comment I have left.
  • Viewers are personally involved.  While blog readers or forum members will comment back and forth, when a viewer chooses to spend the time to watch your video they are personally investing their time to get to know you and your topic and it creates a much stronger connection then they get via Facebook or Twitter.  Heck, video is the most engaging medium.
  • There appears to be more give and take in regards to creating on-going relationship with YouTube viewers since there is more of a connection seeing a person on video rather then just looking at a photo and reading their words.

Tips for individuals just getting started on YouTube

  • Video is absolutely important if you want any kind of good social media presence.  It is more powerful in connecting to your audience then any other platform. 
  • You have freedom to do just about anything in video.  Brands are finding there is a huge range of ways they can engage in their target audiences through video.
  • Don't worry if your initial videos are not top quality, viewers will still be getting that personal connection that video provides.

QUESTION: What differences have you found between audiences on YouTube versus other platforms?