The act of vlogging has been a huge part of YouTube's success, and it seems like every time you turn around, there's some new star vlogger racking up interest.  People like Vlogbrothers, Philip DeFranco, iJustine, and Jenna Marbles are huge YouTube stars based on pointing a camera at themselves and talking about stuff that interests them, and hopefully you, the viewer.  Now, YouTube is looking for a vlogger with a personal story of triumph to share.  Beginning today through April 18, applications for one of the 16 spots and some cash on top of it.

YouTube Next Vlogger 2013

The 16 lucky winners will be a part of three months of workshops that will take place on Google Hangouts, and where, once again, winners will be collaborating with each other.  That seems to be the theme of everything these days when it comes to YouTube contests, collaboration is key.  The winners will also all get $4,000 for video equipment and mentoring from experts.

YouTube is looking for a story of personal triumph, so I guess the story you have should be some sort of uplifting awesomeness, a major obstacle cleared, success in the face of naysayers, making the impossible possible, and so on.

Here are the guidelines to enter.

  • Grant Crowell

    Looks like according to these eligibility requirements, ReelSEO would make the cut if they had their own vlogger with a story of personal triumph. However probably 90-99% of ReelSEO audience members would not qualify:

    The YouTube Next Vlogger Program is a program for individuals who upload video blog format videos, commonly known as vlogs and who have monetization enabled on their YouTube channels (“Channel”) for at least 75% of their channel video library and have at least 5,000 subscribers and/or at least 1,000,000 total videos views;

  • Grayce Ezarik

    Great idea, good luck to all entries.