Browsing, Editing, & Managing YouTube Videos Just Got A Little Easier

Browsing, Editing, & Managing YouTube Videos Just Got A Little Easier

Do you like to browse YouTube videos? I use the Browse page at YouTube an awful lot--it's one of the ways I'm able to stay on top of what's happening in online video. And I've had some personal issues with the layout and design for some time. Today, YouTube updates the browse page design, and in doing so fills me with optimism and hope that I'll have an easier time finding the kind of videos I'm after. In addition to the new Browse page, there are also some new updates to the Video Editor and the Video Manager.

YouTube Updates Browse Page Design

The new Browse page isn't a dramatic change from the old Browse page, but does have a new look and feel. YouTube is attempting to make it easier to find and subscribe to channels on the Browse page--which are then added to your personalized home page moving forward. There are also new ways to discover content by category:

Browsing, Editing, & Managing YouTube Videos Just Got A Little Easier

That's Nice And All, But...

Look, I'm going to level with you, YouTube. For me personally... you can make all the look and feel improvements you want, but I'm still waiting for you to give us access to a little more of your data controls. I can still only browse by four time windows:

  • Today
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • All Time

That's it... only those four. Whether I'm looking for the most-viewed, most-subscribed, or whatever... I'm still limited to those four windows only. And only 16 pages deep.

Now, I'm positive YouTube knows what the most viewed videos were for April 2010, or for April 2010 versus April 2011. But I can't browse videos that way. I'm sure they know which channels got the most subscribers in the last 17 days, but I can only view one week or four weeks.

It's so strange that it's still so limited that I almost have to think there's some competitive or business reason they don't want us to know. Because it would seem to be relatively easy (given the hard work they have already done over the years building the foundation of their service) to let me create a custom filter the way Analytics (and seemingly every other service under the sun) does. For someone who practices video marketing, and writes about it for a living, it's a roadblock between myself and data that I can use to spot trends that may not stand out while browsing more randomly.

I do think the look and feel changes are good, and should provide the average user an improved browsing experience. I was just hoping there were some data-control updates along with the facelift.

New YouTube Video Editor

The YouTube Video Editor got an update as well. I'll be playing with this more this evening, but the YouTube Video Editor has a new look and feel as well. But that's not all--there's also a new timeline, and the clip-trimming has been made easier--sweet. Can't wait to play around with this. Here's the screenshot they offered:

Browsing, Editing, & Managing YouTube Videos Just Got A Little Easier

New YouTube Video Manager

But wait... there's more! The Video Manager has a new update too. Like the editor, it's both a look-and-feel update and a features update, including search history, an "improved display of scheduled uploads," and claimed videos.

Likes and Dislikes are back as video stats, and you can once again sort videos by popularity. If you don't see this update right away, YouTube says it will be rolling out over the next few days. Creators and marketers who are stat hounds for their own content's performance are probably doing cartwheels right now. Go check it out, but here's the screenshot:

Browsing, Editing, & Managing YouTube Videos Just Got A Little Easier

What Do You Think?

What do you think of the changes? Do the visual updates bother you or do you like them? Do the new YouTube Video Editor and Video Manager features interest you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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What do you think? ▼
  • Hans Schmart

    The new look video editor and manager are very cool, but agree about the conversion time that you mentioned below. There are some quicker ways to get a video embed code if that's what you want.

  • Pam Brossman

    That is great but I have found since the changes uploading to YouTube via the new layout take forever. I was uploading a 18mb video yesterday went out for 3 hours and came back and was only 95% uploaded. I have noticed this continually for the last month. So many people complaining about this on facebook so I am not the only one having this issue. This is causing people to give up and upload elsewhere. Great to have 60 hours of uploads a minute - but not if it takes 2 days to upload it.

    • Pam Brossman

      Seems like it is a Telstra issue not a YouTube.

    • Jeremy Scott

      I was able to upload fine today, but processing seemed to take forever.