YouTube Quietly Releases Video Scheduling Feature to All Monetized Users

YouTube Quietly Releases Video Scheduling Feature to All Monetized Users

Last year, YouTube rolled out the ability for full partners to schedule videos to publish at a later time. And now, YouTube has added the ability for everyone with at least one monetized video to schedule videos for publishing.  They just kind of put it in a help article with a shrug, with no major announcements or anything.  But hey, did you know... you can now schedule videos to be published at a later date and time, thereby relieving you of the need to be at your console to publish, and giving you the chance to do other things on "publish day" when life gets really hectic?  Like maybe you're going on vacation, or maybe you're just expecting Murphy's Law to happen.  You now have the option.

Scheduling Your Videos...You Now Wield The Power of the Future

The option has been available to partners for more than a year, and recently YouTube has been opening up more and more options to non-partners.  This one makes a whole lot of sense.   Here is the link to the help page on how to do this on YouTube, which is now open to non-partners with at least one monetized video.  And you can take a look at this option in action right here:

YouTube Quietly Releases Video Scheduling Feature to All Monetized Users

YouTube has gotten out of the dark ages with this and has provided something that bloggers have taken for granted for years.  Being able to get your work done, but not quite ready to publish and being able to schedule it hours, days, weeks, in advance, is one of the greatest options you can have.  It allows you to "front-load" a day or week or whatever so that you can do something else later without worry.  This is especially awesome if you upload a lot of videos per week.

Coming up next: custom thumbnails.  Can't wait to report on that!

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  • Mark Robertson

    I believe so but have never tried

    • Cynthia Bee

      Thanks! You're so helpful :)

  • Cynthia Bee

    And you can schedule an endless amount of videos to be uploaded at a later time, correct? :)

  • Mark Robertson

    still there when you upload assuming you're a monetized user

  • Scottey

    Where is it now? Do you know?

  • allhailskippy

    It's about time. Been waiting for this feature. Now if we could only get to select our own thumbnails....