Why bother watching a whole video clip when you can simply cut out the good parts and put them in a GIF to share around? A new tool for doing just that has surfaced and made it super easy to turn a YouTube video into a GIF in just 6 east steps.

6 Steps to That Awesome YouTube GIF

Step 1: Go to www.gifyoutube.com and paste the URL to your video into the box and click “Create GIF”. Or for the super lazy, go to the video page for the video you want to turn into a GIF and just add gif before youtube in the URL. At this point the video loads in their handy dandy GIF making tool, i.e:


Step 2: Select the start point of the GIF by sliding the play bar to the desired start point.

Step 3: Select the duration from the dropdown box. 5 Seconds is plenty, this isn’t a Vine here. :-)

How to Make a YouTube Video into a GIF in 6 Easy Steps step 3 606x285

Step 4: Don’t forget a snazzy title like, “Ninja Backflips onto Moving Car”.

Step 5: Click “Create gif” at the bottom of the window.

Step 6: Share the link!

How to Make a YouTube Video into a GIF in 6 Easy Steps 68LQL

As an added bonus, here’s a GIF of me getting doused by my wife for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

How to Make a YouTube Video into a GIF in 6 Easy Steps VOgx5

  • Jack

    Did I miss anything? After you created the gif on gifyoutube.com, how do you actually save the ".gif" file on your computer??? (there is no button, and right-click does not show this option) Thanks.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      Depends on the browser you are using. I'm using chrome and when I right click, there is a "save as" option to save the image. The other thing you could do is to merely drag the image from your browser to your desktop. Let us know if you still have issues - happy to assist.

  • asoldiercanoff

    I must have missed something about GIF's. I thought they were all about having the end of a video similar enough to the beginning in that when played, one sees the few seconds in an apparently endless loop that appears not to have been cut from a larger video. What I see here is simply a small piece of a video played in a loop, where at the end the people jump back to their original positions and to me that's something else other than a GIF. It's simply repeating auto-play of any clip. Takes little creativity, which is what to me GIF's are all about.

    • http://www.JoshRimer.com/ Josh Rimer

      No, a gif is just the file type. Spend some time on Tumblr and you'll see all kinds of them. This new website is an awesome way to take fun little moments from our videos now and have them on repeat! XD