Online Video Is REALLY Worth 20 MILLION WORDS!

Online Video Is REALLY Worth 20 MILLION WORDS!

In a recent post, I gave a hypothesis that when applying the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words," a YouTube video could potentially be worth nearly 2 million words. However my publisher pointed out to me that one figure in my math was wrong! I told him I would be man enough to print the correction, as long as I could be accompanied by another cheesy graphic featuring myself.

Here is where I got my math wrong: I had said that a YouTube video was worth 3,000 words a second. Truth is, with 30 frames in a YouTube video, that makes for 30 x 1,000 = 30,000... NOT 3,000!

So with the maximum allowable standard length of a YouTube video being 659.99 seconds, times that by 30,000, and you come up with 19,799,700 words! (That's approximately 20 million.)

Is it a breakthrough in explaining the value of video to others? Or just a lame excuse for shameless self promotion? (Hey, I got you to read this far, didn't I?)

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