Most of us know how to link to a video on YouTube, or even to a channel, group or a playlist. This is often as simple as copying the URL from your browser's address bar and pasting the link wherever you need it. There are several other lesser-known URLs you can use to encourage your audience to engage and interact with you more, on YouTube.

1.) YouTube Channel Subscription URLs

Two weeks ago ReelSEO showed you the "secret" YouTube URL for automatic channel subscriptions that allows you to link directly to your channel's subscription confirmation page using this:

2.) YouTube Subscription Box Code

You should also check out YouTube's new subscription widget you can embed into your website, as well, using this code:

<iframe id="fr" src="" style="overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 300px; border: 0;" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

It creates a subscription box that looks like this:

Of course, feel free to adjust the height and width dimensions to make it fit properly on your website.

There are other secret YouTube links that can help boost your viewers' interaction with your videos, too:

3.) Compose YouTube Messages

Opens a window for a user to send you a private message in YouTube.

4.) YouTube's Collaborative Annotations

Allows your viewers to add their own annotations to your video. Great if you're trying to crowd-source ideas or collaborate around video.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to get your video's unique URL for inviting others to add annotations. Be careful about making this link publicly available, though, which would allow anyone on YouTube to post absolutely any annotation they want on your video.

5.) YouTube Video Responses [No Longer Working]

If you want to invite people to post a video response to your video on YouTube, give them this link:

No longer working 

6.) YouTube Search Query URLs

Sometimes you may want to link to all the videos on YouTube that all surround a specific search term in your niche.

  • Ronnie Bincer

    Thanks for the links to special YouTube stuff.

    I used the Channel Subscription Widget thingy on one of my websites ( and it has really helped increase the velocity of new subscribers. When they are on my Droid Phone site and they decide they like it, they can Subscribe to my YouTube channel right on my own website... pretty sweet!

    I highly recommend that one fur sure!!

  • markgubuan

    These are great tips!! I actually didn't know you could do this and to increase interaction within social media is s critical too. My head is spinning with ideas now. Thanks for the info.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Glad it's helpful for you! :)

  • Dan

    Nice one, thanks.

    Tim Schmoyer Vlog link is broken, btw.

    • Mark Robertson

      Weird - it looks fine to me. Can you tell me what browser you are using because it may have something to do with how I am minimizing my page. It would be much appreciated.

      • Mark Robertson

        Never mind that - found it and thanks again.