Upload 1GB Video Files To Youtube Video

Upload 1GB Video Files To Youtube Video

It used to be that you could only upload one video at a time on Youtube and the video had to be no larger than 100 MB in file size.

I just noticed the other day (not sure when this was released) that you can now upload multiple films/videos to youtube up to one gigabyte in file size with their multi-video uploader tool. I downloaded the tool and it worked like a charm. I was able to upload 2 videos that were HD quality and roughly 200 MB each.

Upload 1GB Video Files To Youtube Video

My suspicion is that with so many sites launching and preparing to enable and launch High-definition video, Youtube is taking a first step towards enabling HD. In addition, there have been many, including myself, that have complained about the quality of videos on Youtube as a result of the level of compression required for the previous 100 MB file size limit. So, as a result, we should look for more high quality videos on Youtube in the near future. Of course, more high quality crap videos as well. ;-)

Here are the specifics of this new tool:

  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Small install required
  • Windows only (Mac coming shortly)
  • Each uploaded video is limited to 10 min and 1 GB

Here is a screenshot of the interface:
Upload 1GB Video Files To Youtube Video

Download the software here so you can upload multiple videos.

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