YouTube Launches New Video Upload Tool Redesign Beta

Finally, YouTube has announced on their blog that they have released an updated version of their upload tool in Beta.  Users in the past have complained about the file-size limitations in the Youtube upload tool and the lack of abilities to upload multiple videos at once.  The new video file uploader (seen below) has been available in private beta for a few months and is now available to users by logining into your YouTube account and clicking on this link to opt in.

The new streamlined video upload tool features:

  • Ability for users to upload file-sizes up to 1GB per video file.
  • Ability for users to uploaded multiple files at once through bulk uploading in the video upload interface.
  • Ability for users to enter metadata during the upload process.

As our friend Keiran points out on webtribution, "By giving users the ability to upload a video as large as 1GB, Youtube expands past the short-form UGC content and gets more into long-form content that is easier to sell against.  Of course we all know this just means we will see longer clips of guys getting kicked in the nuts…"

YouTube Launches New Video Upload Tool Redesign Beta

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What do you think? ▼
  • George

    That 10 min limit is so riduclous

  • Eugene

    Mark, has YouTube officially announced they will lift up the 5-minute limit?
    Files larger than 1GB can still be less than 5 minutes in a very hi-res or an uncompressed format.