YouTube UK Offers Insight into its Users' Behaviour [Infographic]

YouTube UK Offers Insight into its Users Behaviour [Infographic]

Why, yes, I did add a u to behavior in the title. Since we are talking about YouTube in the UK I thought it would be perfectly appropriate. Google and Ipsos MediaCT just released an infographic showing off some of the behavior of YouTube's UK users. Seems an attempt to show that they are indeed worthy of marketing to and interact online. What it totally fails to do, is show any sort of age breakdown of the users so they could still mostly be 13-18-year-olds.

The Data

From what we could put together, an infographic was released to select media outlets in the UK. There was no link to any other research so everything is based on this one image. Of the respondents, almost all of them (89%) said they use the Internet daily for personal reasons. About half are connected to more than 100 people on social networking sites and 86% connected to YouTube via a desktop at home.

To highlight the interactions they found that 62% have "liked, or commented on a status, post, or blog in the last month." That and the 100 social links is probably to show they are not an isolated, anti-social group.

A meager 8% upload their own videos. Around 6-in-10 watch music videos (59%), 22% and done further research about a product in a YouTube ad and just 34% watched TV-related content on YouTube.

YouTube UK Offers Insight into its Users Behaviour [Infographic]

That's really everything there is. I guess the research was commissioned to show that desktops are still used, the YouTube users are linked to others and are impressionable via ads. However, if totally fails to cover any kind of social sharing of video content or a further breakdown of other content they watch or whether or not they can recall any brands they have seen ads for. One could extrapolate that at least 22% did from that "have looked up more information online..." stat, but they might have done that while watching the ad which could eliminate actual brand recall.

Still, it is some insight in the the UK YouTube audience and some information is better than none at all.


Seems it was an online survey of 1,583 people in the UK. Of those people, 74% were YouTube users and the age demographics represented were 13-64. Again, no actual break down that I could find in regards to age.

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