YouTube TrueView Video Ads Serve 18 Years Of Video Every Day

YouTube TrueView Video Ads Serve 18 Years Of Video Every Day

TrueView is growing like a weed. And for good reason: everyone benefits from the TrueView experience. At the core, TrueView is about letting advertisers pay only when consumers choose to watch their video ad. So the consumer benefits by having some voice in the advertisements they're served. And the advertisers benefit too, because they only pay for engaged and willing viewers.

YouTube TrueView Video Ads Serve 18 Years Of Video Per Day

TrueView ads can take many forms. Promoted videos, for example, is one. Or Google Click-to-Play. Or skippable ads on YouTube videos. They all allow the consumer a great deal of choice in the advertising experience, which means advertisers get more bang for their buck--no more dollars wasted on impressions.

Here's what one might look like:

YouTube TrueView Video Ads Serve 18 Years Of Video Every Day

Here's a demo of a True View In-Stream ad in action:

So... how's TrueView doing? Pretty darn good, according to the Adwords Agency Blog. It's serving up a whopping and hard-to-believe 18 years of video every day. 18 years!

We're not talking about root video content--the content the ads are placed on--we're talking about ad content. 18 freaking years of video ad content willingly watched by consumers every day. Wow.

TrueView Expanding To Google Display Network

You can now use TrueView ads on the Google Display Network, which means that Google is now able to serve ads that are "cost-per-view" across YouTube, Google,, and the GDN. That's a lot of ad choice.

Here's a quick promo video for advertisers that extols the virtues of the TrueView program:

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    I wonder if there is any info from the YouTube account holder's perspective. Do TrueView Ads perform as well for the account holder (or partner) as other ad types do?