YouTube Tips For Musicians Trying to Build An Audience Featuring Rapper Street Light [Creator's Tip #47]

YouTube Tips For Musicians Trying to Build An Audience Featuring Rapper Street Light [Creators Tip #47]

There are a lot of musicians in the world with the same goal in mind. They all want to get their music out there and be heard. The problem seems to be how to find a way to do it. This week we’re going to be talking to musicians to try to solve that problem. Our goal is to give you inside information on how you can get your music out there and be heard on YouTube.

Today, Street Light talks about how to get an audience and gain a following. Street Light is a new guy at Big Frames Studios, and he does a lot of freestyle rapping. That may not be your genre of music, but style doesn’t matter…it’s the process. Street Light shares how he went about the process to get where he is today.

Street Light's Tips For Musicians Trying to Build An Audience

Here are some of the tips Street Light gives for musicians trying to build an audience:

  • Be Unique-You want to be yourself, and not copy other people. From Jump, however, that may not gain you an audience.
  • Connect to what’s Popular-Being unique does no good if people don’t want to listen to you. Find out what’s popular and try to connect with that. Don’t do all covers. Tag your music so you can let people know that this is the music of an artist that you’re into, but let them know that you’ve put your own spin on it.
  • Feature Your Other Work-Once you get them to your channel to see your unique spin on other artists, have some of your own work featured for them to see. If they like your version of popular songs, they’ll listen to your original music.
  • Connect off YouTube-You want to pull them away from other links, so hyperlink to places like facebook, or Twitter. Once you have them on the hook, reel them into your music on other sites as well.
  • Legal Aspects-Most musicians, who know about copyright laws, worry about them. If you cover other people’s stuff, be careful with advertisement. Focus on promotion, and get a slightly different music track, by slightly altering pitch or tempo. Your lyrics should be different, so it won’t be an exact copy and copyrights won’t be an issue. If they feel your music does break a copyright law, you will receive warning first and you can take that song down.

You can find Street Light at his YouTube Channel,, or on Google+ to check out his music. If you have a question, feel free to send him a question by message or tweet.

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