Nifty YouTube Marketing Tip: Secret URL for Automatic Channel-Subscription

Nifty YouTube Marketing Tip: Secret URL for Automatic Channel Subscription

I'm not sure if you have made WillVideoForFood a daily read yet or not, but if you haven't then you're missing out.  Amongst the great marketing and video creation advice and the fun viral clips Nalts posts are some really great tips and nuggets that you just don't find anywhere else.  Case in point:  Nalts has discovered a secret URL format that lets people who click - automatically become subscribers of your YouTube channel.  Whoa.

So rather than linking to your Channel and hoping people click "Subscribe" when they get there—or even making their Channel link into a button that says Subscribe Please, which is all the rage lately—content creators can use the link Nalts found to speed up the process and allow for automated subscriptions.  Here's the link:

Automatic YouTube Channel Subscription Link

Here is how it works - Use the following URL convention -

Just replace "nalts" with your own username and you're done.  For example, click here for ReelSEO's YouTube channel ;-)

Any users who are logged into YouTube already need only to click that link and then confirm the subscription and they'll be added.  Sweet!

Man, I don't know how Nalts found this, or how much time he spent looking for it, but it's totally worth it.  Subscriptions are more important than ever now that YouTube has removed the Home Page Spotlight moderators and replaced them with an algorithm.  The algorithm measures how fast your subscriptions are rising, and if they're rising fast enough, you'll be considered for front-page feature status.

And whenever you can remove extra clicks between your target audience and your eventual conversion action, you will almost always see conversions rise.  So everyone… get out there and start using this link… and then come back here and let us know how it impacted your subscription rate.  Great find, Nalts!

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