Quick Tip: How To Grab YouTube Thumbnail Images

The other day, when I was editing the weekly viral video roundup post, it occurred to me that it would be nice to display a thumbnail image for the post, taken from one of the videos in his review.  I thought I'd write a short post to show you how to easily pull thumbnail images for a YouTube video AND, I've added a quick tool for you to grab the images from a YouTube video ID.

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How To Download A Thumbnail Image From YouTube

There are a few different ways that you can get thumbnails from a YouTube video, one of which is to use YouTube's Video API to extract the thumbnail. YouTube API responses may contain multiple thumbnail images for a video, each of which is identified by a <media:thumbnail> tag.  Creating a call to YouTube to get the video and thumbnail information can take some time and when you are like me and don't know a think about writing code, then the API is relatively useless.  For me, I needed a simple way to pull down a thumbnail and thankfully, there is a simple way to do this.

Below is the YouTube URL format that you will need in order to view and download a thumbnail from a YouTube video... where for the video example is VIDEO_ID=bQVoAWSP7k4 and # (1,2, or 3) corresponds to one of the 3 thumbnails that YouTube automatically generates.

#2, is the default thumbnail, or the one that the owner ends up choosing for their video.

Using this convention, below are the URLs and the thumbnails that I was able to pull off of YouTube for the "wedding proposal" video from Jeremy's post.

1st Thumbnail Image, Small (120x90)


Quick Tip: How To Grab YouTube Thumbnail Images 1

3rd Thumbnail Image, Small (120x90)


Quick Tip: How To Grab YouTube Thumbnail Images 3

2nd | Default Thumbnail Image, Small (120x90)


Quick Tip: How To Grab YouTube Thumbnail Images 2

Default Thumbnail Image, Full-Size (480x360)


Quick Tip: How To Grab YouTube Thumbnail Images 0

I hope helps.

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    @every1, is it possible to retrieve the information of the video? is there an API out there for that?

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  • samratsaha

    A Very Simple but very essential tut. . .AWESOME 1+

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       @samratsaha Thanks samratsaha

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  • NgonHua

    @every1, is it possible to retrieve the information of the video? is there an API out there for that?

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    At first I thought you were telling us an Easy way to make the YouTube Thumbnail Image be what you want it to be! Instead, you are helping us pull the graphic thumbnail images that YouTube chooses to represent our uploaded videos.

    Those familiar with one of my passions will know that I have a pursuit of discovering the secret formula for non-partners to be able to select what they want as their thumbnail image in YouTube - I document my efforts on my web site and push a particular phrase: "Video Thumbnail Trick" as part of this pursuit.

    Old methods (pre-12/08) don't work any more. But have no fear, I'll keep digging.

    Re. your article, Since I rarely find the thumbnail YouTube chooses to my liking, I tend to play the video and do a screen capture of the image I prefer, then pull it into Photoshop and build my own thumbnail image which I use where I wish on my web site.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      i figured youd comment on this one...;-) Yes, Im very well aware of your passion with the "secret formula." ;-) Im hoping you figure it out but honestly, I dont think it can be cracked.

      I completely agree that when you own the video, it is best to just create a thumbnail that best represents your video as opposed to 1 of the 3 that YouTube gives as choices.

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    Note that YouTube sometimes change their url scheme, so you are better off with asking the API, unless you want to update the scheme from now to then. :-)

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      Great point Silvia. I dont mind updating it from time to time and to be honest, this particular convention has worked ok now for a year for me. I started to include some others just in case but I figure Ill hear about it when it breaks ;-) Just in case, here is another one that works for now...


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