I recently sat down with Michael Green, the CEO of The Collective, "full-service entertainment management, media and content production company." They're the home to a good number of YouTube stars you might know like Fred, iJustine, Freddie Wong, and Annoying Orange, as well as traditional stars like Comedian Kat Williams. We talked about how The Collective came into being, as well as their view on how YouTube and social media have changed talent development and audience interaction.

You can view the transcript of both videos by clicking "View The Video Transcript" below the second clip.

How The Collective Found Success

The Collective actually got started with a non-YouTube star, Kat Williams:

The Collective was started about 6 ½ years ago. About 2 years into it we signed a kid named Katt Williams. A very, very talented African American comedian. We financed his comedy special. And we knew he had an audience and we marketed digitally to his audience and to date we've sold 3 million DVDs, The Pimp Chronicles.

Audience Building & YouTube Talent Development

Green also talked about the way that online video allows for a new kind of talent development as well as new levels of interaction and engagement with members of the audience:

We have over 35 million Facebook friends. We have 12 people here that do nothing but aggregate audience , engage the audience, nurture the audience, feed content to the audience regularly. This is a seismic shift in the way content and entertainment and art is disseminated.

  • ReelSEO via Facebook

    Not a dime. We would be 100% clear about that if that were the case. Cant stand when people dont disclose that. They're a very successful business in online video and have helped YouTube stars build careers. A channels' success is always going to depend on content.

  • Mark Shea via Facebook

    So is a channel's success is now determined by employing 'talent managers' . Fuck the middle men always find a way don't they! Did you get paid to promote this company?