In this week's Reel Web, we take a look at several online video related news items including: new mobile video apps released for Vimeo and YouTube, details about YouTube's newest NextUp competition program and its focus on collaboration, the pros vs. cons of using YouTube off-site annotations, and a new way that YouTube videos are about to "takeoff."

YouTube Takeoff - InFlight WebSeries on Virgin Airlines

As always YouTube is growing and expanding and now it looks like it will be available even when we travel.  This past week Virgin Airlines announced they would be carrying some of the more popular YouTube content on their flights, including the H+, Crash Course, Geek and Sundry - Written by a Kid, Key of Awesome and a few more.  This will give passengers additional viewing options beyond the movie options most airlines show.

New Mobile Apps for Vimeo & YouTube

YouTube has just released a new update to their YouTube mobile app for their iOS, which includes an update for iPhone and a new iPad version.  And if you are like us, you’ve been waiting for your lovely iPad to finally get an update, well it’s here. The new YouTube app created was designed for the iPad and iPhone 5 to allow videos to start faster and play more smoothly.

In addition, Vimeo has also released a new app for the iPhone which was designed to be the solution for watching, creating and sharing Vimeo videos from your mobile phone.

YouTube NextUp Collaborations

The most recent YouTube NextUp Contest was just launched.  The qualifications for the contest including the following: US residents only, have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers OR 1 to 1.5 million views, be a partner in good standing, have at least 75% of your videos monetized, and be willing to collaborate with another channel.

For those who have read through the YouTube Creator's Playbook you know that collaborating with other channels and creators is one of the best ways to increase your views and subscribers, and with this YouTube NextUp Contest, it is obvious YouTube is trying to further encourage that collaboration.

Off-Site Annotations Beware

YouTube recently released merchant annotations as well as associated website annotations, both of which allow monetized users to place annotation links within their videos which then link off-site, off YouTube.  This was a much desired feature for a long time and it's great that it's now here... BUT, at what point do those annotations get annoying?  At what point will the user experience be such that engagement is negatively affected?  Check out this post showing an example of a shoppable YouTube video, with annotations that highlight products throughout the video.

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