This week on the Reel Web we discuss AOL’s announcement about "AOL On," their new video service that will host all of the videos from their service and also feature some new original shows.  We also cover YouTube tips from Charlie McDonell, YouTube’s new workshop series and much more.

Charlie McDonell’s Seven Rules for YouTube

Vlogger Charlie McDonell of Charlieisocoollike discuss his rules that have made him successful on YouTube.  Many of his rules go against what most popular YouTubers suggest including not asking for likes, limiting annotations and more.  Watch his full vlog and let us know your thoughts about what he has to say.

QUESTION 1: Which of the "YouTube Rules" do you agree and disagree with? Why?

YouTube to Stream May Workshops

This May YouTube will hold a series of workshops that will be accessible to everyone via live stream.  Topics include, Introduction to Cinematography, Importing & Exporting: Dealing with Codecs and Compressions, Building Your Audience on YouTube and Improving Your Channel with YouTube Analytics.  You need to register to participate.  Each session will be 1 hour with a 30 minute Q&A following the presentation.

Jim Louderback’s Discusses View Trends

In this video Jim Louderback of Revision 3 talks about the differences in viewing habits on smartphones, tablets and computers.  It appears that latest trends find that views come mostly from tablets versus other options since viewers are using them as mini TVs they can take with them anywhere.  In addition, Jim also covers common questions on how to engage with advertiser – or if you are a brand, the best ways to build relationships with content providers to help grow your brand.

AOL On Attempts to Compete with YouTube

AOL recently announced its new video platform AOL On.  In recent announcements they have claimed it’s better than YouTube, however, the platform is not designed to accept video from content creators, but instead is a venue for the company to post videos and unique content they feel is relevant to their audience.  AOL claims they have over 57 million viewers who watch their videos on Tech Crunch and Engadget but they have yet to show those kind of results on AOL On.  Senior Vice President Ran Harnevo discusses AOL’s views on what makes the platform so great.

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QUESTION 2: What do you think about AOL On?

Fund Your Video Project Through Kickstarter

If you have a video idea but don’t have the funds to get the project going, Kickstarter offers solutions to help you fund your projects as well as provides information and stats on what you can expect as far as performance from your video.  To date they have funded over six thousands videos.

  • BrettSnelgrove

    You're right @Pat Ferdinandi . Providing a call to action is considered the norm now but I guess CharileIsSoCoolLike is in a unique enough position now after making so many videos that he no longer has to. If only we all were that industrious hey?

  • Pat Ferdinandi

    I agree with CharlieIsSoCoolLike. All his opinion of rules can be boiled down to "Provide Value First"! Even his I do videos for me ties to the value. Trust is earned.
    The only one I disagree with is "not telling people to 'like' or 'comment'" You are breaking the viewer from listening/viewing mindset to take action. Otherwise, they remain in absorption mode.

  • BrettSnelgrove

    I think CharlieIsSoCoolLike has the right approach and it's what we all would like to strive for ... making something we love that other people like as well. Can't fault him for that.

  • GregoryMurch

    @reelseo really enjoyed the latest video, looking forward to tomorrows. Keep up the good work