YouTube Related Videos Gets A New & Improved Layout

YouTube Related Videos Gets A New & Improved Layout

No company we cover enjoys stealth updates or changes more than YouTube, and the company often rolls out minor tweaks with no fanfare or announcement whatsoever. YouTube appears to be doing it again, having given the Related Videos that show up at the end of a clip a bit of a design and layout overhaul. And I have to say, I like it. It's a much more slick presentation, resembling a DVD menu, and squeezes in more overall related videos into the limited real estate.

New YouTube Related Videos Layout Contains 12 Videos

Last night I was checking out the new trailer for the Avengers, which you can see here:

Now, if you watch this on YouTube (it looks like this hasnt rolled out yet to embeds), you'll notice a new layout for the related videos, here's a screenshot of the new layout: YouTube Related Videos Gets A New & Improved Layout Isn't that cool? It almost looks... respectable. Gone is the more amateur look and feel, replaced by something a bit more professional looking. And viewers who enjoyed the trailer are surely going to be more interested in seeing even more video content about the film, right? So why not provide it in a format that is attractive and pleasing to the eye?

Video creators have to be loving it. Many times, the related videos that show up are links to other content created by the same channel, particularly when the topic is similar. Of course, some related videos will always be to other channels. But now that there are 12 related videos on screen instead of just a handful, there will be more chances for your video content to be discovered by viewers.

I checked, but I can't find any news stories, announcements, or press releases about it. Are you seeing the new Related Videos layout? If so, what do you think of it?

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What do you think? ▼
  • Philippe Shock Matthews

    I'm loving the Youtube 12 related videos! This is a smart upgrade.

  • Antonio Centeno

    Your example is rigged - anything with Scarlet J. dressed in leather is going to look great. Please be more objective Jeremy :)

  • Jonathan Glazier

    Given that the first thing worth doing if you are using youtube to host your videos is to turn off related videos!