Wow. YouTube forum admins are about to really earn their money. YouTube today unveiled a brand new home page design. It's bold, darker, and has a new layout. It's only been hours since the launch, and I've yet to truly get a feel for the new YouTube, but I can say this much: any redesign this big is bound to have detractors... lots of them. They'll come out swinging without ever giving this a try, and simply because it's so different. People don't like change.

But the majority of users will do what we always do when YouTube changes things up: we'll get used to it, and probably even find some things to like about it.

The New YouTube Home Page Is More Social Than Ever

The New YouTube Goes To A Dark Place: YouTube Rolls Out Black & Grey Redesign  youtube social Take a look at the left side of the home page--the part shaded in dark grey. That's basically a kind of "Your YouTube" navigation area, with suggested channels, subscriptions, and more. And notice what's right up there at the top, just under Subscriptions? It's Google Plus and Facebook integration.

That tells me that YouTube is serious about users integrating video with their social experience.

Then... below the social buttons... you get to categories like Trending, Popular, Music, and Entertainment. Clicking one of these alters the stream of videos in the center of the page.

Further down the dark grey bar you'll come to suggested channels, where YouTube is offering you content they think you'll enjoy based on your previous viewing habits.

Here's a look at the new YouTube home page, as it appears to a user that's not signed in:

The New YouTube Goes To A Dark Place: YouTube Rolls Out Black & Grey Redesign  new youtube home page 606x461

The main video stream in the center of the page also goes on forever. I've never seen any kind of YouTube page--search result or otherwise--that scrolled as far down as this one does.

The dark grey bar is intended to be your control panel for discovering content, quickly filtering through videos by type or topic. You can also click "see all" under the categories and see something that resembles the old YouTube home page in layout, though the colors are definitely darker. It looks like this:

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The New YouTube Goes To A Dark Place: YouTube Rolls Out Black & Grey Redesign  all categories 606x545

YouTube says there were three areas of concentration for the redesign:

  • A new home page
  • Customization options
  • Overall site redesign

The player page is pretty much the same, except the white background has changed to that new subtle light grey they seem to love so much. Here's the video they released about the new YouTube:

New YouTube Channel Design

Those of you who create videos and/or manage a YouTube account take note: there's a new channel design. From YouTube:

Given the homepage's new focus on helping you find and organize your favorite Channels, we would be remiss if we didn't update the look and feel of the Channels themselves. Today we're launching an improved Channel design focused on what matters most: helping users find great videos. As different uploaders have different goals, we've created new Channel templates to meet your needs whether you produce one video a week or have thousands of videos for a fan to browse. Some partners have even uploaded videos talking about the features, or giving tips on how they're taking advantage of the new design. To learn how to opt-in to and test this new Channel design, check out our help center.

Yes, you read that last part right... you'll need to opt in if you want to try this out, which I imagine many of you will do shortly.

What Do You Think Of The New YouTube?

YouTube, and Google in general, seems to be going through a bit of a "dark" phase, at least with regard to design. We had the black navigation bar on most Google services for several months, though that's disappearing now. The YouTube Player recently got a bit darker. And now the home page of YouTube. I doubt it means anything but a branding choice, but it's interesting nonetheless.

What do you think about the new YouTube home page? Do you hate it? Love it? Somewhere-in-between it? Let me know your thoughts below, including anything new you've noticed that I didn't mention. I'm off to keep playing around on the new YouTube.

  • newlayoutsucks

    I'd kill to have this crappy layout back again. At least you could force it to work like normal.

  • Hollander

    See how this dude starts with saying ''WOW'' Yes i know allot of monkeys on this earth will take that and burn the 'wow' in their heads. Propaganda. Im so sick of you Jeremy Scott, you better be glad i am on the other end of this planet.

  • Regan

    Its crap. Lost all overview, lost my interest. Got better things to do than to sort out functions every three months on a page i visit regularly. Dont give me that cheap crap '' people dont like change''.rethorical bullshit, if you want to treat us as retards you're in for something for all i'm concerned. I think this change you refer to must be voluntary, in my case this change will mean a change of platform. Hope another ''you tube''-like site will provide me with it. I deleted my channel already and now it seems im here only once a month. Wich is at least one good thing that your ''change'' has brought me. pathetic how these people think so highly of themselves and their websites. Like they've created something NEW, mere fact they just fill the superficial holes lingering in every human beeing. Luckily for them the internet provides these otherwise nobodies to fill at least one hole. Only they choose to take the preverbial hand and spam us with all their failed attempts to actually make something new. Its a joke. And you know what? The layout will change again... Not because theres something new to discover, but because the old thing failed. THAT is the energy these people deal with.

  • Abe

    I hate it. If I liked a channel, I used to check out their subscriptions and subscribers and found many videos I liked doing this. Now I am unable to do this.

  • Chris Chambless

    The new homepage may be more social, but the new channel page is NOT. Just try to find your friends or subscribers. You can't. What's more, there is no longer a link to "friend" a user who has adopted the new profile design. Also gone are the top channels by category. In fact, you can't even browse channels anymore. That appears to have been replaced with "Shows" browsing.

  • C Buck Wilde

    I LIKE the new look when I use YouTube! I do NOT like the new YouTube Channel Page.

  • Nick Hope

    Now my feed is nearly all Lockergnome videos because they post so many. Looks like unsubscribing from them is the only way to get that under control.

  • Evan Millner

    After playing around a bit, I worked out how to rank the playlists etc and am now quite happy with the new layout for my channel. I am dubious however with how comments on the channel are managed - ideally I would like an activity feed on the sidebar with user channel comments. I for one, rely on these comments, and would like to see them immediately on the page. It also makes the channel l page seem more social. It is a bit corporate at the moment. (lots of blank space there if you opt not to display other channels).

    • Karen Kodish

      Looks good

  • Bill McCluskey for old layout.

  • Casey Zeman

    This is really incredible right!

  • Stella Ruijskavoska

    I don't mind the new "YouTube" layout but the new channel designs should be more editable like the old one.

  • Louis Yagera

    The new layout is counter-intuitive especially on the content creator side. You can't feature your last video for example?

  • Nicole Tomicki

    I don't really... I accidentally clicked a larger video player and now I can't even watch videos or change the settings back to normal.

  • Rita Hathhorn

    There should be an option to view the old layout for those who enjoyed it...

  • Lauren Baldrick

    I want to like it, but honestly, I can't. I hate this.

  • Patrick StAmant

    Cant youtube make it so that my subscription box doesn't look like fuck?

  • Bill McCluskey

    lots of scrolling.... Lots and lots of scrolling. hate it. give me back my preview of 4-5 videos in columns under Subs, recent and suggestions. did I mention scrolling? this is crap.

    • Brett Jenkins

      Try using your spacebar instead of scrolling!

  • Amy Ritzia

    I do not like it because it's too cluttered and I can't x the videos I don't want to see in my subscritions.

  • Charlie ßonkers Shawcrøss

    Hate it... stop changing things! I loved the old layout now it looks like twitter for heavens sake.

  • Reed Michael Lucas

    I can still get videos on the homepage of youtube..that's all I care about...

  • Jon O’Brien

    LOVE the new layout. Easier to navigate and discover video. The old YouTube homepage was a disaster IMO. The new one reflects Facebook with its navigation column, main feed and raw feed layout.

  • Karl Alois

    hate it. its like the designers for the verge worked on it. too cluttered. didn't steve jobs teach us anything about simplicity in design?

  • Brandon Fleissig

    I'm dissapointed in the inability to find new content randomly. I used to be able to go on long "youtube" tangets watch one topic to the next. I find myself going around in circles a lot more often. I feel like youtube is becoming more for the media/profit than for YOU, the everyday people who just like to post videos.

    This seems like it might give more to power to news websites to control what videos can be viral. As it is today, day 1 I don't like the new algorithm used by youtube. Although the desigin might look good. I agree that they changed too much too quickly. They should have learned a thing or two from facebook...

    At the end of the day I'm sure everything will get worked out, after all, GOOGLE does own youtube.

  • Derick Jackson

    I cant see it in firefox but I can see it in safari, any help please?

  • Asharib Yaqub Khan

    its knows how to keep us happy, and I love the new layout :D

    • Stephane Pellerin


  • Jay McGuinness

    I really do not like the new layout.

  • Arvind Thillaisundaram

    love it man! it's clean and beautifully designed.

  • Johnny Herrell

    By the way will someone message me if/when they change it back because until then it's Pandora time. Thanks.

  • Johnny Herrell

    Fuck this new layout. It's stupid, and I'm a dark person. (Not skin color, personality.)