Remove Video Title and Ratings Info In YouTube's Embedded Player

Remove Video Title and Ratings Info In YouTubes Embedded Player

Today, Youtube introduced another small change to the Youtube emdedded player.  Youtube videos that are embedded within pages will now display a prominent title of the video along with the video ratings information at the top of the embedded player.

For some that embed multiple videos from youtube onto a single page, this will help their users more easily decide which videos to watch, and they can skip those with low ratings.

Lets say that you are using Youtube more as a video host, and not doing much to market your videos directly on Youtube.  As a result, you may have few or no ratings on your videos.  If you dont want the embedded player to show this information, the fix is quite simple.  Simply modify the embed code to include the parameter "showinfo=0"

Here is an example of the video embed code above with this information removed:

<object width="510" height="412"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="510" height="412"></embed></object>

Here is an example of the embedded video with this information removed:

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  • tester

    Seems like is not working anymore :(, maybe they decide to disable this option.

  • Leo

    Hey Mark, Thanks for the post. I think YouTube's still got some kinks to work out on the showinfo=0 parameter. I've haven't had luck getting it to work consistently & even in your properly coded example, YouTube is showing the title:

    • reelseo

      Bummer, you guys are correct. Looks like they either disabled or changed this option. Ill see what I can find out. Thanks for reading...

  • Eduardo

    Please find a solution!

  • RG001

    Thanks Mark. Waiting for your solution :) . I just hate the title and rating on my embeds.

    • Mark R Robertson

      Still havent found it yet... There is a way that you can mask the youtube player altogether using their API but looks like they have disabled the ability for the title piece. Ill keep my eye out..

  • tony

    ...and now it apears their is no title/ratings displayed! great i also dislike that info

  • Von James

    Thanks Mark! It's working in both FF3 & IE6 perfectly. My YouTube video is embedded here:

  • tony

    I also use a little tweak that disables the 'related videos' thing at the end, this stops your viewers escaping to Youtube so freely ie: . Just add ‘&rel=0′ to the end of the url part of the embed code to remove :-)

  • Donna Laframboise

    Many thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.

  • Vvvv

    Thank you so much for this.

    I love you.

  • Babaji M P

    Hi Mark,

    It's working. Thanks.

  • Bla

    hey this works! thanks :P

  • Jonathan

    Thanks much! Been looking for this.

  • Jessi

    thanks!!! : )

  • thankss

    thanks for the help ! it works

  • matt mcinvale

    worked great, thanks!

    • Chris

      worked a treat, thanks!

  • jazzedupforlife

    It Works Again ;) Thanks Mark !

  • jazzedupforlife

    It Works Again ;) Thanks Mark !

    • Mark Robertson

      You're welcome :-)

  • GirlieM

    thanks for this, i've been looking for a solution to remove it,

  • Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe

    Such a simple thing, yet makes such a big difference to your video appearance.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ana Hoffman/YourNetBiz Scam

  • Lyndahewell

    This worked for me, thanks!!

  • Dazzz

    Worked perfectly for me. Thx.

  • Mwahaha

    i found out how to fix it. you just add &showinfo=0 to the end of both urls. even if it doesn't have it. just add it to the end of the urls in the code. it should work.

  • FlissheartsNick

    Yesss! Thank youuu! :D

  • beatmatchinfo

    Thanks, been looking for this.

  • Ipollesion


  • Sandeep


  • Larry A Steele

    Worked great, Thanks.

  • Matthew Burnell

    Thanks. Worked great.

  • Ben Riddell

    This did not quite work for me. Aren't the parameters passed as 'get' variables? In that case, the first key-pair should be preceded by a? and not a &:



    Yours does seem to work with the ampersand, but my embed did not work unless there was a question mark before "hl=en".


  • Beblie Caunan

    Works for me.... great...