YouTube Partner Reporting Coming This Summer From YouTube & comScore

YouTube Partner Reporting Coming This Summer From YouTube & comScore

Our pal Greg Jarboe over at Search Engine Watch grabbed a fantastic scoop Sunday while interviewing comScore's Dan Piech: this summer YouTube and comScore will release a joint effort called YouTube Partner Reporting, which promises detailed analytic and demographic breakdowns of the various official YouTube Partner channels.

YouTube Partners number around 40,000--give or take. They are the content producers, both amateur and professional, that have done so well with their video channels that they get special revenue and promotional arrangements with YouTube.

But for the rest of us, the Partner system has been a bit of a mystery. Until now.

YouTube Partner Reporting Coming This Summer From YouTube & comScore

Here's what we can expect from YouTube Partner Reporting, according to Greg:

Marketers and media planners will also be able to learn the number of unique viewers belonging to different YouTube channels, as well as the demographics of those viewers.

This will enable CBS, Machinima, Philip DeFranco and hundreds of other YouTube Partners to monetize their content in new ways by having their audiences represented to the agencies and brands that actively use Video Metrix data.

comScore is also using a new hybrid approach to gathering this data. Traditionally, this kind of data is gathered either in a census-based format or a panel-based format. For the new YouTube Partner Reporting, comScore is blending the two together into a panel-centric hybrid they're calling "Unified Digital Measurement." The hope is to provide more useful data by tying these two different styles together.

While it doesn't appear to be ready to make its debut just yet, YouTube Partner Reporting is set to roll out sometime this summer.

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