The new YouTube channel layout, known as "YouTube One Channel," has been available since March.  But, for those of you who haven't made the switch, you're going to make the switch on June 5 anyway.  YouTube is claiming that those who have switched to the new design already have seen 20 percent more page views on their channels because clicks from the Guide send people to the channels rather than the activity feeds.  I'm not sure if that translates into more views, but it sure sounds good doesn't it?  Anyway, you might as well relent: the permanent change is happening in June.

YouTube One Channel

Switching to the new design means your branding is the same across desktops, mobile devices, and TVs, and you can do that "unsubscribed trailer" thing to entice people to subscribe.  It's still curious to me that making your channel "the best it can be" is being emphasized so much because as I've said countless times before, once you click on a video, you're off the channel page.

And of course, once this "permanent change" happens on June 5, we can expect to hear about new changes later in the year, anyway!  It's guaranteed that once this new design was approved in the first place, there was someone within YouTube already saying, "But how long before we can change this?"

For more about One Channel, click here.

  • Mark Robertson

    Here's how you can switch it back ;-) -

  • dream l

    I still see many major youtubers with the old design. It the youtube one only for commoners or people who don't have alot of subscribers? I'm looking around at popular gurus and they still have the old design. What's up with that? I thought everyone had to switch on June 5

  • Shawn Vegas

    sigh, this fucking horrible design. Youtube designers/employees should be fired.
    i hate the new design, well looks like im moving over to zippcast.

  • Doky9889 | Luke

    I have tested it two seperate times, I saw view decrease 30% those two weeks i tested it, when I reverted, back to normal growth