After a couple of weeks of radio silence, YouTube have at last issued some feedback regarding the super popular new comments system. Introduced to better control the torrent of abuse and trolling that plagued the site, it looks like Version 1.0 wasn't a raging success. In fact it appears that there’s actually been an increase in comment spam since the change. Whoops. In a new blog post, the site admitted that the new feature had introduced extra opportunities for abuse but it was dealing with this by rolling out new updates to tackle shady links, impersonation attempts as well as improved ASCII art detection. The latter to crackdown on Bob and his ubiquitous tank, no doubt.

However, the post doesn't reference the backlash which has been in full effect since November 6th. Neither does it acknowledge the demand to reverse the decision to force users into integrating their account with Google+.

YouTube: New Comments System Stays But Were Improving It  youtube tank 606x328

In their first official communique regarding the new comments system, YouTube are keeping positive:

We know the spam issues made it hard to use the new system at first, and we’re excited to see more of you getting involved as we’ve fixed issues. New features like threaded conversations and formatted comments are coming to life, thanks to you and your fans.

The site uses the same blog post to confirm there are going to be further improvements for creators including a bulk moderation feature, and better content ranking.

  • jh

    Oh who the fuck cares, make a google+ account with a fake name.

  • Chris Paterson

    As much as we need google, we should be ashamed that we just flat out ignore that they are trying to own our personal information and identities. It's like ignoring the national debt. We should be ashamed for ignoring it. I suggest that we consider using, exclusively, privacy-based alternatives such as Ravetree, DuckDuckGo, HushMail, OpenStreetMaps, etc. But, most people reading this will probably try to come up with some sort of excuse that appears to justify their state of oblivion. Pathetic.