YouTube's Mobile App Gets New Video Ad Format - And It's Native

YouTubes Mobile App Gets New Video Ad Format   And Its Native

Around 41% of traffic to YouTube comes from mobile devices and up until now monetizing that digital footfall has been tricky. However, the site looks to be introducing its homepage-takeover ad format for its mobile apps - in the form of native advertising. Viewers will be presented with an ad that looks like a regular video listing, but with a yellow tag marker which identifies it as a video ad. The new format, which appears at the top of the "What To Watch" section of the mobile site, is thought to be already available to advertisers - although we're not seeing it just yet.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed the redesign marks the first time the mobile masthead ad appears in YouTube's mobile apps:

"We created a video masthead unit that makes it easier for advertisers to run homepage takeovers on YouTube across devices".

BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, the first to spot the new design, demonstrates the new mobile ad unit in the following video:

You can find further info on the new ad structure from the BTIG site (registration required).

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