This week on the Reel Web we review some of the features of the new YouTube app available for mobile devices as well as what seems to still be missing.  We also discuss a few more YouTube channel updates that make it easier for the casual viewer on YouTube to navigate as well as try to figure out what has made the latest viral video, Gangnam Style, so popular.

YouTube Channel Updates

YouTube recently made some important channel navigational changes.  They changed the Change the Feed Tab that was showing on the channels to Browse Videos.  For individuals who are not well versed in the ins and outs of YouTube and online video there seems to be a big benefit to making the verbiage more user friendly so they really understand what the option does for them.  They can click on the tab and it will offer sub-categories, play lists, likes, activity, etc.

New YouTube App Allows Monetization

With the new YouTube app, we as creators can now monetize our videos for mobile views.  With those views accounting for about one billion views every day this is a very good thing.  There were not too many other changes made to it from the old app.  There are, however, a few thing that need to be mentioned about the app.  First, as a video creator keep in mind that the subscribe button is in a different location than it is for the desktop version so you need to remember not to reference the top of the screen when asking people to subscribe to your channel since there will not be a subscribe button up there if they are viewing your video on a mobile device.

The add channels option does do a great job of recommending additional videos and channels based on your preferences and navigating through your subscribed channels is generally pretty easy.  That is, unless you are subscribed to a large number of channels.  Hopefully there will be some updates to this in the near future to make it a little easier.  Some other updates we will also hopefully see is a way to reply directly to comments and the addition of annotations.

Gangnam Style Becomes a Viral Sensation

Psy's Gangnam Style video is officially the fifth most viral video of all time.  In just 52 days it has received 212+ million views.  As a video creator it is natural to try to analyze this video to try to figure out what it was about it that made it go viral.  From our end it doesn't appear to have the usual elements that are prevalent in viral videos.  It is funny, but beyond that I can't quite put our finger on what has made it so popular.

New Research About Viewers Online Video Preference

New research has come out looking at the devices that people are generally watching online videos on.  The research included a look at the length of videos and more, but basically the information shows that tablets are currently the most popular choice when it comes to viewing videos online and they are growing rapidly as the device viewers prefer to use.

Pinnacle Video Releases Free App for Video Editing

There are a lot of free video editors for editing video using the iPad, but so far one of the best ones we have seen comes from Pinnacle Video.  It appears to the the most professional app you can get from a free app currently available.  It may not always be offered free, so be sure to download it now while it still is.

It is obviously easier and more convenient to do video edits on your desktop or notebook, but in the event you don't have immediate access to your standard editing devices, it's nice to have a good editing option on the iPad for any videos you shoot on the go and may want to post immediately.

YouTube's New Next up Contest

The most recent Next Up Contest is open to individuals who are posting content that is educational and of a teaching nature.  As always the winner receives a lot of great prizes including mentoring sessions, one-on-one training from YouTube, video promotion and $1000 for video equipment.  So if your content is educational in nature consider submitting.

QUESTION: What's your mini-review of the new YouTube app for iPhone? And what lessons do you learn about viral videos from "Gangnam Style?"