YouTube keeps adding cool stuff out of nowhere and not announcing the changes.  I get this odd feeling that the YouTube staff gets very excited about releasing a new feature and taking bets on how long it takes before someone notices.  Within the last 24 hours, YouTube has just added a feature called "InVideo Programming" under the Settings tab.  Clicking on it gives creators two options.  You can now "brand" all of your videos by uploading an icon that represents you, and you can also "feature" a video on all of your other videos, giving creators the chance to push a video across their entire catalog.

InVideo Programming: How It Works

Here's what you do:

  • Go to your Video Manager and click Settings.
  • Underneath Channel Settings, click InVideo Programming.

When you click that, you see this:

YouTube InVideo Programming: How to Apply In Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly invideo programming 606x325


InVideo Programming - Feature Channel:

Feature Your Channel allows you to upload an image, whether your channel's avatar or a custom image, and you can place it in the top/bottom, left/right of the picture.  You can keep the branding throughout the duration of the video, or you can customize the length that it lasts:

YouTube InVideo Programming: How to Apply In Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly avatar 606x228

So this gives you the chance to "brand" your channel much like a TV network does with their logo at the bottom of the screen. Branding like this is a good way to give viewers context: if they are specifically looking for your videos, a logo like this ensures that what they are seeing is yours, and if you happen to have a lot of entertaining/informative videos that keep coming up during a viewer's stay on the site, seeing the brand over and over gives your channel great recognition while people browse YouTube.

ALSO ►  Quick Tip: How To Grab YouTube Thumbnail Images

Here's the latest ReelSEO Creator's Tip, with our icon showing up during the last 15 seconds (top right):

InVideo Programming - Featured Video

YouTube InVideo Programming: How to Apply In Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly invideo branding Featured Thumb The other feature is Feature A Video.  With annotations, you can direct people through links to videos, and you have to go to each individual one to create them.  With this feature, you can push a video of your liking across every single video you have in your catalog.  It places a thumbnail of the featured video into the corner of every video so that no matter which one a viewer is watching, it's there, ready to be clicked.  You get to push a video that you think either represents your best, or you can push one you don't think got the attention it deserved.  Now, it's way more dynamic than having a little text link show up.  Hopefully, they'll make this more customizable in the future so that you can feature a number of different videos across different areas of your catalog.  But for now, this is a nifty feature.

Exciting new features!  Check them out here -

  • Shivam Sinha

    Hey! When I go into channel settings, I don't see in-video programming? Does it require to be partners with youtube?

  • Roy

    Hi Chris,
    You might want to update the link provided at the end of the article, as it doesn't work.

    Kind regards

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Roy but it's working for me. Do you mean ?

      • Roy

        Hi Mark, yes that's the link that won't work for me (I should have supplied it initially). Just tried it again to no avail.

        • Mark Robertson

          Are you a monetized Youtuber? What country are you in? That's odd that you cant access

  • Hugh Cullman

    Hasn't Viddler had both these features for about 4 years???

    • Mark Robertson

      They certainly have and they're a great service... but they dont have billions of visitors built in to their platform so...

  • Rob Lamp

    Do you have any screen shots of companies or individuals that have succesfully implement the InVideo Programming featuring your channel you could share?

  • Ronnie Bincer

    I have an idea on how rock stars (or those that want to be) can 'utilize this' new feature... with the Featured Video option, Rock Stars can ask their fans to add their latest video to ALL of the fan's videos... maybe offer some back-stage passes, etc. to those that do it best.

    To me this could turn into an organic network of 'promoters' when I add your 'relevant' video Thumbnail on all my videos that way for the next few days, etc.

    What do you think? I wrote up a post on it here:

  • Chris Abbott

    very cool...

  • Brad Benner

    This is a great new feature that will really help to develop brand recognition.

  • Maria Saavedra

    Nice! Thanks for this info! Just signed up to receive your Daily Video News :)

  • Damian Hoskin

    This is awesome. The ability to promote a video within a video is going to be a game changer. I can see video producers being able to advertise within there best work or portfolio pieces.

  • Jeremy Vest

    Very cool stuff, I'm sure that many people will start abusing this though.

  • Ronnie Bincer

    Great find my ReelSEO friends... sharing this now!

  • Justin Lauschin

    $50 says this feature will be 'announced' tomorrow in the Youtube Creator blog :)

    This further solidifies my belief that Youtube will not be releasing the old 'channel branding' features (branding/watch page branding) to new partners. Really, why would you need to brand your watch page name now if you can do this (which is a sweet feature) to all your videos?

    Love how people keep complaining about that silly banner. Youtube does 'all' this nice stuff for us, and all they care about is the freaking banner. meh, 50% of your audience probably wouldn't even see the banner anyway due to being a mobile user and/or never visiting channels. I would much rather prefer external linking in annotations, or an invideo programming link-out :)

    • Justin Lauschin

      WHOA, WAIT BACK UP! Just checked my annotations page; there's a blue banner at the top that says 'click to enable external links'. Look into that, ReelSEO!!! NEW FEATURE AGAIN!

      • Mark Robertson

        WHAT???? how do we get that ;-) That is very cool but I'm not yet seeing it in our account. Darn.

        • Justin Lauschin

          :( Just clicked it to check it out further; it only enables 'Merch' Annotations ( Very poor choice of words by Youtube to use 'external links'. Nuts.

        • Mark Robertson

          weird that it gave you a notification... bummer, I was getting excited ;(

        • Ronnie Bincer

          I got that a while ago and snagged some screen shots... if you want I can send them your way. It did not seem to change any of my options much when I clicked 'Agree' so I have not posted on it (yet).

  • Jared Busch

    Thats awesome!!! thanks for pointing this out. I would never know about any of these new features if it wasn't for this site. Thank you so much to the reelseo team!

  • Richard Reynolds

    I just added it to my videos, I like the fact that transparent PNGs are transparent in the video!