YouTube Introduces 'One Channel': New Design Starts Rolling Out

UPDATE: The new YouTube One-Channel design is now live for users to opt-in toYouTube's new channel design is rolling out, while brands and partners will be able to access different perks on top of the new design, dubbed One Channel.   One Channel is the term being used for having a uniform look to your channel site across all devices in addition to a couple of other nifty features.  The new channel design, which we've discussed a few times in the past month, was open to only a few creators at first, but now more and more have started to transition.  As always, brands/businesses will have extra perks like widgets to add to the new channel design.

New Channel Design Becoming A Reality

It doesn't look like everybody has it yet, as the One Channel site is still saying the changes are "coming soon" and that you can get prepared for it in the meantime.

Some features of One Channel:

1. Conformed layout across all screens.  Now, your particular branding and look can be the same across all devices.  That's neat.

2. Sections.  The ability to create playlists of any type that you want without having to create sub-channels or pages.  You can control how viewers see it when they visit.

3. Channel Trailer.  The much-discussed channel trailer that allows creators to have a "welcome" video for non-subscribers that only they can see when they visit your channel.

4. Associated Channels Connection.  You will now be able to link to your other relevant channels straight from the home page.  Intel is using this One Channel design and has this feature on it:

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YouTube Introduces One Channel: New Design Starts Rolling Out intel channel design 750x467

It looks like this is becoming a reality for most partners/businesses, and it can't be too far away for everyone.  Learn more at the One Channel page, which has all the new features on display and shows several examples of who is already in on the new design, and the AdWords Agency Blog.

  • Cassandra Eighteentwentyone

    I really enjoyed the previous design. :-))

    I am tempted now to switch back, but also worried, that if I
    do, I might lose playlists (160 plus), on which I spent so much work in the
    past. ...

    TWO MAJOR PROBLEMS with the New Design occurred so far ( and I

    only changed yesterday):

    PLAYLISTS ? there seems to be no option any more !!!

    2. After I had changed to the New channel Design I noticed,
    that in many cases the NOTES, which I wrote in the playlist to explain video
    contents, have been COMPLETELY MISPLACED .

    Some of these have been repeated up to 10 times (!!!) and have

    been placed now, in the new channel view, literally “anywhere” on the playlist
    – without any connection to the video above. what a mess !

    my guess is: when a playlist is getting (repeatedly) sorted,
    e.g. by title (which I tend to perform whenever I have added a new video ) -
    are the notes remaining at their current position , being unrelated to the new
    location of the video ?

  • Matt Whitehouse

    yes Heavy its really like google + but google + and you tube same.

  • Heavy Rain

    This new YT layout is very similar to Google+.

  • Xaraz Dorean

    The custom tabs are now open to a lot more brands, not just large ones. This is a great move by YouTube, and a good opportunity for social media agencies to help promote brands. Companies like Wildfire and Clipster are some of the ones that have products to fill the custom tabs. Even though the large background images are gone, there is still enough customization/branding that can be done this way.

    • Mark Robertson

      Cool. we're trying to get early access for ReelSEO so that we can play around with that a bit and be able to see what those customization options are.

  • John Dorean

    The widgets/gadgets are actually not for content partners, but just for brands or companies. They can get a widget through companies like Wildfire ( or Clipster (