YouTube To Launch Insight – New Analytics

"YouTube plans Thursday to announce a new tool that lets anyone who uploads a video to the Web site see detailed metrics about who is watching the video. The new data will include measures such as in what parts of world — or, in the U.S., in which states — certain videos are popular and how long it takes for a video to peak in popularity. Only the person or organization that uploads a video will have access to this data."

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The story also mentions that YouTube will be releasing other new measurement tools in the coming weeks. This suite of new tools will be called Insight. They plan to display referral information for the videos as well as offer more measurement tools for advertisers so that marketers can break down viewership by day and view more detailed geographical information of visitors.

Here is some additional information from the AP:

The launch of Insight on Thursday comes as Google Inc. looks for ways to make money off its $1.76 billion purchase of YouTube in 2006. Despite growing interest in online video ads, many marketers have stayed away from user-generated video like what's on YouTube.

"But everyday contributors also can benefit from the new program, said Tracy Chan, a YouTube program manager. Until now, those users got limited information, such as how many times their video was viewed or commented on…. …give a lot of context around the performance of video over time, where are your audience coming from and how your message is connecting to your audience," Chan said.

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