Youtube Videos In High-Defintion? Hack Youtube for HD Video Playback

Boy was I happy to find out about this….  If you remember our Online Video Predictions for 2008 post from last year, our first was…

"1) HD High-definition Video - I expect Youtube and others to follow suite with the sites that already support High Definition content."

According to, Youtube is currently testing out high-quality 1280×720 (720p) video playback.  There is a simple hack to see this in action, and…  it is the same hack that we posted about earlier in the year to test out the "High-Quality" mode before they rolled that out to users… namely by adding "&fmt=22″ to the end of the URL string – IE –

There is also a great post up on Cnet where the author did a test and uploaded the video above in H.264.  The author states that it was not made available as HD right away but that it took about 15min. for the high-definition version to be available.  The author hypothesizes that Youtube could be doing a second round of processing at the same time that it is encoding H.264 conversions for playback on iPhones.

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  • Mark Robertson

    Cool Val – that is neat – HD video finally on youtube… PS, cool art.. ;-)

    How did you upload the video – what settings?

  • Kirby1fan

    isn't it HQ hack only so far? because &fmt=22 dose not work, but &fmt=18 (HQ) dose work.

    • Mark R Robertson

      Yeah, it still works but the video has to have been uploaded in HD – see this