It was a long time ago that we discussed how to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ profile, and not long after that, the future capabilities to have multiple "YouTube managers" who can run your channel page without giving out your personal login information.  Rejoice, everyone, linking your Google+ page to your YouTube channel is finally here, or at the very least, it's being rolled out.

Your public YouTube videos will appear on both the channel and the page, and the multi-user and multi-admin capabilities for Google+ pages are now live for YouTube channels so that you can have multiple users uploading and managing videos on your channel.  Let's show some pictures.

Google Plus Business Page Integration with YouTube Channels

This new capability allows you to "showcase" your YouTube channel on a Google+ page.  The differences between a profile and a page are shown here, but essentially, pages are for organizations and profiles are for individuals.  Multi-admin user capabilities have been around for Google+ pages for awhile, but it still didn't have integration to YouTube.  Now it does.

How to Connect YouTube to a Google+ Business Page (Step-by-Step):

Go to your YouTube account and go to the Advanced Settings (

advanced setting

This is what you'll see:


Click next and then the following screen shows up.


You can now see all the awesome things you'll be able to do with this integration.  Multi-admins of the Google+ page can now manage the YouTube channel, and public YouTube videos will appear on both the channel and the page.

When you decide that what you've wanted all along is "OK" then you'll see:


And you can easily switch between accounts:


This is something that should have happened a long time ago, obviously.  But, hopefully the wait was worth it and that it works exactly how everyone wants it to.  If it doesn't, you can always do this:


  • Syed Usman

    I am not getting the option to disconnect my YouTube channel from my Google Plus profile.

    Please someone help me connecting my YouTube to my Google Plus Page and remove it from my Google Plus Profile.

  • HemiHead66

    This would be fine and dandy if I had a link that said (connect with a Google+ page) on my youtube advanced settings page. Everything else is there - like up top - but no link to connect with a Google+ page. There is a (create a new channel) link on the Account information page, but I don't want to create a new channel. I don't even want a page if I don't have to have it. I believe I'm looking for a profile. But the link up top for differences between a page & a profile takes me to a blank page. As usual, Google making it impossible to use YouTube. Thank you very much.

    • Jeff Pelletier

      Click on 'Advanced' first maybe?

  • Erin Moloney

    This article saved me! Thank you.

  • Ryan Matthew Wilkerson


  • Alex Bernardo

    OMG OMG OMG it worked! I'm so excited!

  • Michael Sherman

    Hi Ronnie and Chris. I was made a manager of a Google Plus business page. I am not the owner of the page. How do I get access to the YouTube Channel that is associated with that specific Google Plus page? Is that possible?

  • Giacomo Sinisgalli

    I thought I was confused before. Ok so I have a G+ acct. that was always associated with my youtube acct. A. So by default my YouTube acct A is the YouTube channel associated with my page correct? So how do I disassociate it with my G+ acct and leave it associated with my page? I tried following steps above, but did not see the Connect with G+ Page as in above exhibit. Help!!

    • Ronnie Bincer

      Your YouTube account is by default associated with a G+ Profile (nowadays) not a G+ Page. In order to have a YT account assoc. with the Page, you need the user ID (read email) of the YT account invited by the Page's owner to become a 'manager' of the +Page.

      Here is a G+ Community just formed by YouTubers to address these questions:

  • Massimo Piccioni

    Cool...i'd like also, to be able to create a new you tube channel from a page that is just created. I have one profile, one you tube channel (no more 'couse is not possible to create more with one profile) and 3 pages that i'm the owner. Now to have the other 2 channel i'v to creare 2 channel with another account...

  • vidiSEO

    So excited to finally merge these two together, but it looks like I'll have to wait for a few kinks to be worked out. I made my YouTube gmail account an admin for my G+ Page, but it didn't show up as an option and now it just directs me back to my channel page every time I try to link. G+? More like G-

    • Ronnie Bincer

      Still rolling out... maybe that is part of the issue. Did you have the 'connect' blue button on the YouTube side?

      Re. your comment: "...but it did not show up as an option..." Don't know what that means!

      • vidiSEO

        Hi Ronnie! I do have the blue 'connect' button, but when I click it I'm taken back to my channel page. Guess I'll just have to wait it out.

        • Ronnie Bincer

          Have you tried voicing your issue/concern to the GPC (community) created to handle that and other questions: ?

        • Belle

          This is happening to me too! Did you ever get this resolved? So irritating.

      • Fatih Diker

        Hi Ronnie do not the blue connect button. :( I Can't see on the page

    • Carol Dodsley

      Lots of people are having the same challenge right now vidiSEO - it may be just a case of waiting for this to fully roll out :(

  • Ronnie Bincer

    GREAT NEWS!!! Branded Pages can now speak via Hangouts on Air and stay branded all the way!!! I just wrote up a follow-up as to why this matters for those that care to see:

    • Chris Atkinson

      Thanks, Ronnie. That is some really good information there!