A month or so ago we talked about YouTube opening up the capability to link your channel to your Google+ page.  For awhile, this has been in beta, available through advanced settings.  But in the next few weeks, YouTube will be providing an option for creators to do this quickly and easily.  The capabilities you have when connecting the page to your Google+ page are pretty great.  I've been able to use it with the ReelSEO channel and have admin capability without having personal knowledge of founder Mark Robertson's password.  This will also open up the capability of a channel to do live streams, which is coming soon for everyone.

The switch between accounts was initially confusing.  I have a ReelSEO e-mail account with Google+ and was made a manager of the Google+ page.  When I go to YouTube, I have the option to click on my regular ReelSEO e-mail account but not the ReelSEO YouTube account.  But when I click on the ReelSEO e-mail account, when I go to "Switch Accounts" the YouTube channel is opened up for me.  This is something that is very odd and took some getting used to and can be frustrating, but I've gotten used to it.

When connecting your YouTube and Google+ page (and you'll have to remember that pages are for businesses and profiles are for individuals), you'll want to keep this in mind.  YouTube and Google+ identities are important.  So you have a ton of options:

YouTube Will Soon Take Google+ Page Integration Out of Beta google+ youtube channel

Oh, and by the way, you have 14 days to unlink the channel with the page if you decide to go through with this.  Also, this:

Certain mobile apps and third party tools may require a bit more effort to work with YouTube channels linked to Google+ pages. Just make sure you're using the most recent YouTube app on Android and iOS. And if necessary,setup login credentials for these apps.

For more info, you can go to YouTube's original beta announcement.

  • Adam John Cochran

    the problem I am having with the integration of google+ with youtube is that I can't seem to find the place where I can see the comment replies, anyone know where they will be located?

  • JK

    Some things about this don't make sense. If you have different channels, how do you connect them to ONE Google+ Page? Wouldn't the channels then all have the same name, since I believe when you connect, your YT channel takes the G+ page name?

    Also, there's a missing piece here for people who did this when we were told to initially, with Google+ Profiles. Now we have thousands of followers for our profiles, but no ability to move them to the newly-available (for YT) PAGES. G+ needs the ability to convert a profile into a page.

    The 14-day lock also gives a lot of pause. If you do this, and anything about G+ changes in a way you don't like in the future, your YouTube channel is locked into the deal. In the end, they will force this anyway, but it's a shame everything to do with G+ has been rolled out in such a haphazard way.

    Multi-user **management** for YouTube channels should really not have to be tied to a SOCIAL network, especially one that has particularly onerous terms, such as the real-name policy.

    We've also seen huge dropoffs in YT comments, as Joe Average viewers have been co-opted into converting their YT accounts into "real name" accounts... and then realizing that maybe they don't want their real name tied forever and indexed to the comment they were about to make. I mean, I love Star Trek mashup clips on YouTube, but I'm not going to make that the first thing people find when searching for me online by commenting on those videos with my full name.