Google Hangouts just got a major boost in publicity from one of the biggest properties in the Google empire: YouTube. The video platform has just added a new sharing option below every video player on the site that allows viewers to start a Google Hangout session centered around that particular video This means that you and your friends--up to 10 of them--can watch and comment on it together in real time. 

YouTube Google Hangout Button

The YouTube Google Hangout Button Wants You Talking About Video reel hangouts youtube

Users need to click the "Share" button below the video player, and the new Google Hangouts button is on the right side of the options that come up. So now, along with Facebook and Twitter (and the +1 button), you also have Hangouts as a way to share a clip.

Now, this kind of thing--watching videos online live with your friends--isn't entirely new. I remember playing around with a similar service a couple years ago with my coworkers. But it only had text-based chat. With Hangouts, you get video chat capabilities, while you're watching a video--and you can have up to 10 people in there at once. That's definitely not a service I've ever heard of before, and could be very big in the development of Hangouts and Google Plus in general.

Think about all the reaction videos you've seen in the past--videos of people watching online videos. Sometimes, the reaction of your friends is the very reason you share a video, and watching them is as much fun as watching the original video.

And is there a better way to be social with video than to watch and share it with friends in a large group... in real time? Why send an email to your friend about the hot new video when you can show it to him right now and get his reaction in real time (in video form)?

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It's pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to diving in and trying it out. But I'm interested in your opinion. Do you think you'll use the new YouTube Google Hangout button? Do you think other viewers will?

  • VideoLeadsOnline

    I think the idea has merit, but only after you have invited friends to "meet up" to "hang out" at a predetermined time to watch the video together.

    It may be a spur of the moment idea for many Digital Natives, but for the rest of us we probably would use it in a planned meeting.

    I've tried viewing video with others via G+ Hangout before this YouTube link/feature was added. It seems that you can all view the video at all times, but your G+ friends' talking is not heard unless the person speaking HOLDs the press to talk button... If that happened a lot you might miss some of the video sound. Plus (pun there!) who gets to control who is talking? It is not a controlled environment that the business world will adopt quickly because of the free-form, but let's see how/if it grows.

  • Russell James

    Like all "new" trends after the novelty wears off, if it has a economic and or social advantage the adopters will be the ones that find it fits to their market place or social sphere. I would expect getting enough people randomly to watch a video with you is not any worth while business model and as a social interaction I would find it to much of a time suck.

  • Pam Brossman

    Personally as a business person I have not got enough hours in my day as it is. I can barely get 10 people together for a meeting let alone to have a laugh over a video. So from a business perspective I do not see it working unless it is planned as Jonathan mentioned below and their is a strategic benefit to us discussing what is in the video. Otherwise I would rather hang out face to face than over a video.

  • Kandee MusicLvr

    I wonder if they got this idea from

  • Jonathan Glazier

    That said I do like the idea of inviting a group of friends to a group viewing of a film or tv show. Or even sharing a viewing of a show with the family or partner when away from home.

  • Jonathan Glazier

    I can see this working if the viewing is planned. I guess some people meet up after school or collage, or they hang out on line together. As a working adult I am very rarely on line with more than 2 of my friends! The varied lives we lead even the thought of arranging a viewing together seems impossible.