Youtube Contest and Suggestions for Making A "Good" Video

According to the reputable news organization, The Onion, Youtube has just released a new contest and is offering a $100,000 cash prize to the first user to upload a "good video" that has a "shred of originality or artistic merit," and is "actually worth watching."  

Here are some of the noteworthy suggestions offered in the video.

  1. "Have some reason for making a video other than 'I own a camera'"
  2. "Make sure that the subject of the video can be seen"
  3. "Shoot the video while sober"
  4. "Use sound"

Please dont forget to add these great suggestions to the other youtube tips we've already provided

I recommend that you all submit your entries as the only requirement is that " be somewhat watchable or provide even a shred of enjoyment for people other than those who made the video."  In addition to the cash prize, the video will be featured in Youtube's new "Actually Good" section.

Youtube Contest and Suggestions for Making A Good Video

I thought that this was definitely worth a post as I could not stop cracking up and Im sure our ReelSEO readers will get a kick out of this for many reasons... ;-)

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  • Roger

    Nice find Mark! I laughed ;)

    • Mark

      Thanks.... Me 2