YouTube, in its never-ending quest to be everything to everyone, announced YouTube For Schools on Sunday.  The idea is to get YouTube into the classroom without all the distractions of the other, non-educational videos that can be found on the site, narrowing it down to just the educational.  It's a setting that allows only the content from YouTube EDU.  They have quite the roster of educational partners such as the Smithsonian and TED, over 600 in all.  So, YouTube solved the problem of getting banned completely from schools by aggregating their educational videos into one place.

YouTube For Schools Leaves No Excuse For Keeping Video Out Of The Classroom

YouTube worked with teachers to build more than 300 playlists for subjects Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts, and they also made playlists according to grade level, so they really covered all the bases here.  I wonder if some enterprising school or school district will make YouTube playlists part of the curriculum.  Can you imagine a syllabus that breaks down the semester into required reading, tests, and video watching?  And I wonder if the educational, but entertaining, vsauce will make the cut?  Probably not, but if all educational videos were as entertaining as that, we might have a world of super-geniuses on our hands.

Here's the video for YouTube For Schools:

Obviously, you have a lot more to play with than just the playlists they've created.  You have foreign languages and history in there, too.  I like the idea a lot.  Making school fun (but mentally worthwhile) has befuddled educators for a long time, and video is something we know has wonderful engagement and retention qualities.

  • Amid Yousef

    we are doing this with our soon to open Bring your know how to TV Show How..

  • Michael McDermott

    Holiday video from the University of Oregon.

  • Joelle Norwood

    I know 10 year old students that are shooting and editing their videos and the videos are great! :)

    • Lin M. Eleoff


    • Joelle Norwood

      @[100000656087629:2048:Lin M. Eleoff] 10 years she is one of my students. She has been editing on I movie for 2 years. and she is awesome, she wants to be a movie director.

  • Pam Brossman

    I think this is a brilliant idea. It will also encourage children to make their own video projects for school which my son already does considering his parents are both video marketers.


    While this is a great idea, it doesn't help schools who use a web filtering product that blocks at the domain level. Most of these products can't unblock content past the domain level like a /school or /education URL if the main domain is blocked. So for many K-12 institutions, YouTube will remain blocked to protect students from the overwhelming amount of innapropriate content widely available on YouTube. The simple solution though is Google needs a new URL for this education content like or (subdomain). Come on google, you're so close!