YouTube Finds Profitability Via New Textp Encoding?

You all know 720p,YouTube Finds Profitability Via New Textp Encoding? 1080p well now YouTube is trying to save money by utilizing Textp which saves them $1 a second when you watch videos in that mode by streaming text instead of costly images.  It's easy to do and looks really cool. This could save them so much money that they become profitable by the end of the day!

Textp will take  that 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and compress it down into streaming text to save on bandwidth and processing costs at the Google-owned video sharing site. Months of research and development went into the transcoding of video to text but they have now got it available for a wide range of content on the site. You'll need Flash player 10.0 to see it so it won't speed up those streaming to their iPhones. Click here to check it out or you can select "TEXTp" from the pulldown menu on most videos (see image).

You can also append &textp=fool to most video URLs to test it out.

YouTube Finds Profitability Via New Textp Encoding?APRIL FOOL'S

Yes, it's once again the first day of April and shenanigans abound, straight from YouTube's blog.  Though I have to admit, it is some pretty cool ASCII art version of the videos they stream. Who knows, perhaps it will catch on. I know the Amiga demo community and old school DOS lovers will get a kick out of it.

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  • lorrainegrula

    Saving $1 a second, wow. That adds up! LOL.

  • SirBroadsword

    Well, it's certainly caught on with me... I think TEXTp could give many YouTube videos (particularly ones purposefully designed to use TEXTp) a unique asthetic, particularly if YouTube were to refine the process to make text more readable and dark images and small things more visible...