Awhile back we covered that unusual YouTube view count quirk where, if a video gets a bunch of views at once, it stops on 301.  I'm sure everyone who watches videos on YouTube will occasionally see those extremely astute and sarcastic commenters who think they're the first one to ever mention the "301 views, but thousands of likes" discrepancy.  There's always a war about that later.  Someone will reply, "Somebody is new to YouTube," and then the original person, realizing that their astute observation wasn't that astute, says some version of, "I didn't know!"

YouTube Has Changed It Now...With A Simple "+"

See for yourself:

YouTube Finally Lets Go of the 301 View Count...Sort Of 301+

So, they still want to be stingy about letting it go past 301, but now they're at least providing newbies, and people who just can't let it go, a simple plus sign to let them know that, "Hey, there's more than 301 here.  Calm down."  It will probably still raise questions from people anyway.  But at least this time there's an indicator that it's "more."

Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along.  You can resume your day as usual.

  • Angi Wren

    We had a similar issue too, what's slightly annoying is when one of our videos got stuck on 301+ for ages and then all of a sudden it changes and then its only at 302, which does not seem right to me.

  • Ileane

    Chris, I'm stuck on 301+ views on one of my vids too. Problem is that I have LESS than 301 views. I actually have 233. Here's a screenshot comparing my YouTube analytics with what is showing on the video "watch" page. Go figure

    • Chris Atkinson

      Wow, that's really goofy! The mysteries of YouTube...

      • Ronnie Bincer

        Goofy indeed... new YT math 233 = 301+ = ?