So in the midst of testing out a brand new YouTube, creators have also been given a few more things to work with during their video uploading.  These are some minor changes, but they add convenience to the process.  Announced on the YouTube Creator Blog, creators now have the ability to upload videos that don't go to a subscriber's feed or e-mail if they so choose, you can upload a custom thumbnail during any point of the video upload, and the tags editor makes it easier to distinguish your tags as you write them out.  So let's explore this further.

YouTube's New Video Uploading Features

To Notify or Not to Notify, That Is the Question

The first feature is that they've customized the ability to notify subscribers of new uploads.  There are times maybe when you have a video that you don't want to announce for whatever reason, like a "behind the scenes" video or something like it that tends to clutter up a homepage.  So now, under your advanced settings, you have the ability to check/uncheck a box that says "Notify Subscribers."

YouTube Custom Thumbnails and Tags Made Easier with New Upload Features notify

Custom Thumbnails Uploaded Any Time During Video Upload

YouTube used to make you wait until the bitter end of your video upload to start messing around with thumbnails.  Of course, the ability to custom upload thumbnails hasn't been around long enough for some of you to have gotten really frustrated at this.  But now you can upload custom thumbnails anytime during the upload.

YouTube Custom Thumbnails and Tags Made Easier with New Upload Features thumbnail

YouTube has a set of guidelines for custom thumbnails here.  You should really take a look at that before doing anything with them.

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Tags Now Easier to See During Typing

Finally, tags don't look like a jumbled mess of words and commas when you type them in.  Now, when you type a tag and hit enter, there will be a blue box around it so that it shows you exactly what you are typing in as a tag.  This takes a lot of the confusion out of tag writing for many creators, who aren't sure what those tags will look like after the video is published.

YouTube Custom Thumbnails and Tags Made Easier with New Upload Features tags

These are all small things, for sure, but they are welcome additions to video uploading that make things a little easier to navigate and customize.

  • Guest

    I'm seeing a mess when I do my Tags now...

    Do you think we need to type in single words, then hit save? I ended up with a large chip of multiple words grouped together, I have no idea what this means!

    • Ronnie Bincer

      I just had the same issue... we are now supposed to type in single or grouped words, then hit comma or enter/return... that sticks them into a 'grouping'... WAY different than before, I can't believe they did not make a bigger announcement on this change!

      • Alejandro Dominguez

        I totally agree. I think this is a terrible change.

  • Jon Barilone

    Chris, can you confirm whether the 'upload custom thumbnail' feature is open to all YouTube users or just those who are Partners/Creators/using AdSense? Thanks.

    • Chris Atkinson

      Jon, I referred to a barely-used channel while looking at this, and yes...there's a custom thumbnail option there. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when this occurred because I don't check it that often, but it is a partner channel. I do not have a regular user account to refer to on this...but if yours is not showing it then it might be just for those who have Partner/Creator/AdSense channels. That's a far cry from what it was just mere months ago, but it may not be for absolutely everyone. Since YouTube is not good about announcing these little additions, it's tough to know. But my guess is that your suspicions are correct on that.

      • Ronnie Bincer

        I believe that the Custom Thumbnails are available for all "monetized" partners now (if not now, then soon).

    • Ken Fisher

      I don't use Adsense (not monetized) on my videos yet I'm able to use custom thumbnails. I do however have an adsense account established in 2008.. Maybe that has something to do with it?

      Question? Is it worth it to try to monetize? I figured if I'm only going to see a few dollars a month I don't want any annoying ads. I get about 15,000 monthly channel views