There's so much happening at YouTube these days that it can be hard to keep up, especially if you are a creator who would rather spend their time actually producing content rather than wade through RSS feeds to find out what's changing and how that might effect you. YouTube recognise this too and are launching their very own newsletter, Creator Pulse, which promises to include the latest information on new features, products, training, partner info and insights. The newsletter will be customisable and will also regularly highlight notable channels on the site.

Just go to into your Account Settings and click the 'All YouTube Newsletter' box. Not quite sure why the newsletter subscription hasn't been separated out from the other email shots available - unless of course YouTube want to take the counter-productive opportunity to spam us with endless updates about what's trending and other useless information.

YouTube Wants To Keep Creators In The Loop With Pulse Newsletter  youtube newsletters

The newsletter will also be available via the Creators Hub should email prove too archaic or your inbox collapses under the weight of other YouTube fluff.

  • who’s asking

    Are you guys based in London or something? Why is the grammar always so strange? ie "YouTube recognise this too and are launching their very own newsletter"

    • Mark Robertson

      Ha. No, but our new editor Carla (who I'm sure will reply here soon) is in the UK. Ive told her time and time again that the USA is much better at proper English than the English, but she just won't agree. I don't get why they are so darn afraid of "z" or why they always use extra silent "e's" (e.g. programme). Anyway, I will have to have this discussion with her once again or else !!! ;-)

      • Carla Marshall

        Wordz are hard