Websites all over the Internet are inviting you to link and embed your YouTube video on blog sites, "share" it with Facebook friends, or "tweet" it to your Twitter followers. But what are the legal limitations on what you can share and where you can post it? I did a web video recording of an hour-long seminar by intellectual property and internal law attorney Daliah Saper of Saper Law Offices, who answered these questions and more.

Can I Do That Online? Copyright Law and Online Posting

The following is a timeline of Daliah's presentation on video, by topic groups:

00:00 – Introduction

02:15 – Copyright law basics (definition, rights, consequences, and fair use)

20:12 – Social media guidelines – Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter

23:58 – Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) – explanation and takedown example

29.40 – Dilemma of existing law and social media websites

31.31 – Copyright tips and existing case law. (Example with posting news stories)

50:02 – Do you own your social media content? YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

50.40 – Summary of best practices, and additional help resources.

Presentation: Copyright Law + Online Video Posting

As an added bonus, Daliah and I have included an updated version of her original presentation, with some additional slides on copyright info and tips involving working with videographers and video producers.

Big YouTube Questions, Answered:

  • Who owns my video when I post it to YouTube?
  • How can I get copyright protection for my videos I post online?
  • Can I sue YouTube, Facebook or Twitter for someone else's infringement of my content?
  • Is it copyright infringement if somebody shows my entire video on their own blog or website?
  • Is the person who hits the "upload" button the one who's liable? Or is it the person or agency that actually creates the video?
  • Why is it not OK to post an entire article from someone else on your own website or blog, but it's OK to do it with an entire YouTube video?
  • How do you defend yourself against someone who files a takedown notice of your video?
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Can I Do That On YouTube? Copyright Law & Posting Video youtube copyright Check out my earlier ReelSEO interviews with Daliah Saper:

About Daliah Saper, Attorney

Can I Do That On YouTube? Copyright Law & Posting Video daliah saper office Daliah Saper is the principal attorney for Saper Law Offices in Chicago, specializing in intellectual property law, media and entertainment law, litigation, and business affairs. She is recognized as a leading Media and Entertainment lawyer by Chambers and Partners, is on the faculty of the Practicing Law Institute, and has been selected by Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet & Society to be a member of Harvard's new Online Media Legal Network (OMLN).  Daliah is also an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, teaching a Sports and Entertainment law course.

  • ArtTechLaw

    Hi! Is all of this information still current? Copyright law changes quickly, as do Terms of Service. An update would be awesome - good easy-to-read legal explanations are hard to find, probably because lawyers are scared of giving general advice for ethics reasons.

    Great resource! I blog at ArtTechL@w and was compiling resources to recommend on a post about what photographers and videographers should know about the law.

  • Terry Beam

    Like mailing to
    myself in the mail, can I prove that I did it before someone else without
    copyright by posting it on You Tube? For example if I write a song and I post
    it on You Tube in 2011 and someone else copyrights the same song in 2012 can
    they say it is theirs and that I don't have the right to use their song? Can I
    prove that I came up with it before they did, by the date it shows posted on You
    Tube? Is it like sending it to myself in the mail?