The new troll free way of YouTube commenting is being rolled out to individual users and, as expected, Google are putting quite the spin on Google + integration. As we confirmed in September, the new feature was initially limited to channel pages but every user should expect a change within the next few days. YouTube have been trying to tackle the issue of trolling and spamming for years and they are changing the way that comments appear below YouTube videos - from now on they will rise to the top based on relevancy rather than recency.

Anyone can still comment, they don't need a Google+ account to do so, but those with one will find that comments from people they are connected with (or people connected to people they are connected with, Kevin Bacon stylee) will take precedence. Also, if they share a video to their Google+ page, it will link back to the original YouTube video page.

New YouTube Comments System Rolling Out Right Now  new youtube comments

Here's what the notification looked like for us on our youtube channel

The new system comes into place to help users cope with overtly negative, harmful, insulting or plain irrelevant comments left by others. YouTube promise the following:

Comments you care about move to the top: You’ll see posts at the top of the list from the video’s creator, popular personalities, engaged discussions about the video, and people in your Google+ Circles. You can still see the most recent comments by switching from “Top Comments” to “Newest First.”

Join the conversation publicly or privately: You can choose to start a conversation so that it is seen by everyone, only people in your Circles, or just your bestie. Like Gmail, replies are threaded so you can easily follow conversations.

Easily moderate comments: If you also post videos on your channel, you’ll have new tools to review comments before they’re posted, block certain words or save time by auto-approving comments from certain fans.

YouTube confirmed today that if you have connected your account to a Google+ profile or page and can start using the commenting feature now, and have provided a little video demonstration of how it's all going to work:

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  • Cheryl Brunette

    As much as I enjoy reading the information you have to offer I am distracted and distressed, even, at your choice to use plural verbs when referring to entities like YouTube, Google, or Facebook. In fairness, I'm a high school English teacher and book editor and I may have more sensitivity to non-standard usage than many people. However, your writing makes me stop my train of thought because it doesn't flow properly. It's in reading this series of articles all at once that it became obvious to me how disruptive this choice to use the plural is. And it's not standard usage.

    I want people to respect what you have to say, and that happens when you use standard, educated speech/language. "Google IS (not ARE) putting quite a spin on Google+ . . ." "YouTube HAS (not HAVE) been trying . . . "

  • Jlipper

    This is obviously not a troll free way for commenting because now people can link to words and ingrain the links so people will troll easier and there is no real way to remove the comments.

  • Frank Spiers

    The changes Google have been making to YouTube has simply ruined it. Quite apart from the fact we are now by default forced to see what YouTube considers "Top Comments" instead of the latest comments posted on our videos (good or bad), the ability moderate post has been whittled down to just one option "Remove" unless it was posted by someone using a "Google+" account...

    This linking of YouTube to the most abysmal of all social media "Google+" is ridiculous. I have no interest in anything or anyone who uses "Google+" let alone the fact all these changes integrating "Google+" have totally f'd up YouTube to the point where it's a total hassle to mages a YouTube channel now...

    I suggest if YouTube doesn't revert back to the old method of displaying posts then everyone with a YouTube channel should disable all comments for all their videos until YouTube get the message that the integration with "Google+" is not welcome by most YouTube account holders...

  • Hank Oswald

    Haha google is talking about this new system as its a good thing and that people will like it, meanwhile thousands of people are commenting on that exact video pluss many other places on the internet expressing their hate on this new system, either google is blind or they are simply trolling us...

  • patman 666

    how the hell am I going to comment on peoples comments !!?? so now we cant communicate to anyone on youtube what kind of shit is this!! it doesn't let you reply to anything it just opens a new tab on the same page when you try ! so stupid

  • iCareSoVeryDeeply

    I can't find anything....

  • zealking241

    I think this is utter bullshit. The concept of new things is fine but when they change things way too much and way too fast, it is quite angering. By doing this, new comments are no longer updated in the youtube inbox. The only way to see "new comments" is by joining with google+ which makes finding comments uglier than before. There are also a lot of people that will not merge with google+, not only because it's ugly and idiotic, but the fact that they prefer things to be simple and like having comments in their youtube inbox.

    The channels changed so much over the years, little by little, having our freedoms taken away on youtube. Now we don't even have the choice of having a legit channel background, or boxes that are partially transparent. The next big thing is this new comments system that is just the worst thing next to the channel redesigns to look completely and utterly generic. One channel looks the same as the other channels. The new comments system.. I'd be fine with it honestly IF and only if they made it so people don't have to merge with google+ AND if they didn't purposely break our inbox comments on youtube itself, the site most of us are from!

    Every major change that's happened on youtube has continuously soured my opinion of them.

    • Carla Marshall

      Yes, but the whole point of it IS that users merge with Google+. Pretty sure YouTube could have rolled out a better moderation system years ago but they held on until they could find a way of pushing their social platform.

  • Michael Vera

    Honestly it still has some bugs. But I'm excited for what the future of Youtube commenting hold. I like Google+, and it confuses me when people try to compare it to Facebook or Twitter

    It's way more than just a social network, anyways. It's your Google account, with a name. It's already deeply integrated and will continue to be so. YouTube has been owned by Google for a long time, and people have been using their Google accounts with YouTube for a pretty long time as well.

    Google+ is not a totally separate product, it's more like an enhanced re-skin of your Google account's identity.

    Not a single person has been able to come up with a legitimate reason why giving YouTube comments a new look and some extra features is at all interfering with YouTube's function as a video sharing and viewing site.

    • MarkLG

      You've missed the point, people want choice, this doesn't give them much choice, and I for one, don't want to use G+ for social and personal stuff, I've got Facebook for that and that's where I'm happy for it to be, all locked up to the public except for my friends.

    • jebova2301

      I have one. When I want to look back to see what a person replied to, it automatically opens up a whole new tab, and even then it takes me to the wrong comment most of the time. This is just plain stupid. It means the comment section does not work properly, which interferes with the sharing aspect.

  • Name

    It still doesn't fix anything, apparently. So far it's only making people angry - and when I clicked "Newest Comments" on the newest Improv Everywhere video, the very first thing listed (and had been posted 5 minutes previously) was a spam comment.

  • ZambiblasianOgre

    Leave it to Google to fuck up the layout even more... This is bullshit! First the YouTube One layout, now this. Fuck Google+! YouTube and Google+ should not have ever met! Every time we get used to a certain layout, they have to change it. Every single year this goes on, and they still don't give a single fuck about their users. They just relase shit without barely any notice.

    • Carla Marshall

      Google want/need Google+ to work and they won't stop pushing until we're all in love with it. Expect more integration as time goes on.