This week our look at the Reel Web includes several news stories about online video, including the new channel layout that YouTube is playing it. There's several options to layout your channel as a Creator, Network, Blogger, or Everything. There's also changes to YouTube's Analytics page to streamline some of your videos' statistics and metrics, as well as several other updates.

With online video projected to account for 90% of all Internet traffic by 2013, there are some serious implications for online retailers and businesses. Basically, if you're not creating online video content now, start before it's too late. Customers already expect to find video about products and services before they buy something.

But just having video isn't enough anymore. Now, for your videos to rank well in search engines and for SEO, your videos must be very sociable and invite engagement like comments, video responses, thumbs-ups, and more. The social engagement around videos is becoming more and more important for SEO and optimizing the videos for search.

We cover a story of a company that is doing it well: Orabrush. They went from having no luck with their product to becoming a multi-million dollar company all thanks to their efforts on YouTube.

A couple people are using Kickstarter to try to address some of the stabilization issues that DSLRs have, and we also mention YouTube's new medals that they award to special videos, as well as some research that shows that tablet users watch 30% more online video than desktop users.

QUESTION: What companies do you see who are utilizing online video well?

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  • Arthur T Williams IV

    Dam! Slow down, man! Love your site and great content but you talk too fast. Give us time to savor the words.

  • julien

    Thanks Tim for your answer !

  • Tim Schmoyer

    Accepting video responses is a great idea because it can tremendously affect your video's SEO, but I generally only accept them if they're actually responding to my video. Otherwise it just feels like spam to me and if others check out your video response from the original video's page and your video isn't really a response, they will have the same perception of you and your channel.

    Vice versa is also true. I only submit a video response if it's really my response to their video.

  • Julien

    Hey, first of all i love your website. I have a quick question about video responses. I want to know if you think it is good to accept video responses from others or use your own videos as response. I'm asking you that because for the moment i m just using my video as "video reponse" to drive more traffic on my channel but i don't want to loose an opportunity by not accepting other videos. Thanks again !
    Notes: i m getting around 200k a week.

  • Dan Safkow’s Video Marketing Minute

    Great YouTube update, thanks. I like the new layout options, but hmmm?, which will be most effective for stickiness and engagement?

    • Tim Schmoyer

      I'm not sure. I would think that the video's content would lend itself more toward stickiness and engagement more than the channel layout, but we'll see, I guess.