This week on the Reel Web we discuss changes YouTube has made to make things easier for content creators, Google's new AdWord campaign and their attempts to solve video discovery limitations and more.

YouTube Changes and Additional Features

YouTube has made numerous changes recently to their uploader giving additional options and overall giving it a much easier to use and cleaner look. Additionally they have increased the video and audio editing options to allow you to do edits on the Cloud and now offer over 150,000 audio tracks that are available to be used for free in your videos.

In an additional effort to help creators with fundraising, YouTube has also added annotation links to Kickstarter and IndiGoGo.

Embed Your YouTube Video on Your Website

ReelSEO founder, Mark Robertson recently released an article that goes into detail on how you can embed your video so that the URL link will show as your website name versus your YouTube URL. This is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Advertising Updates for Video

Last week Google opened up it's AdWords for video products. This was done in an effort to assist both businesses and individuals in getting additional traffic to their videos by allowing them to buy views. Google is currently giving away over $50 million in free AdWords. to claim your portion, simply fill out the form they provide to receive your $75 credit for AdWords.

YouTube has also put out a new Advertising Playbook. Check back here or look for an uplcoming Creator's Tip video highlights on the best information from the publication.

Finally, there are major changes coming to YouTube's advertising system. These changes are in an effort to make it easier for creators to effectively monetize their content. New default settings were put in allowing you to set a default that will apply to every video you upload. Also, YouTube is now offering new analytics to allow you to see which kind of ads are working best for your content and allowing YouTube to show more relevent ads to your viewers.

Google Addresses Video Discovery Issues

Google's Vice President for Corporate Development has been getting a lot of questions regarding the difficulty for creators to get discovered and build an audience on YouTube. Google has said this is their main issue and they are currently working with YouTube to find a viable solution for this problem. Interestingly enough, both YouTube and Google seem very interested in the way Pinterest has solved this problem since their best content quickly rises to the top due to human interest and interaction as opposed to technology or algorithms.

Along those lines, a great article recently came out called Is YouTube Betting Its Future on Content or Technology that covers in great detail some of the changes YouTube is making and investing in with the recent additions to the site.

QUESTION: How could YouTube best solve it's video discovery problem?